Kip&Co’s Subtropics collection drops for Spring/Summer 2016


Wander bare-foot, sand between your toes to Kip&Co’s castaway paradise, SS16 Subtropics: a treasure chest of beautifully curated products for every corner of your home this summer.

Alex, Kate and Hayley launched Kip&Co in 2012 offering bright, colourful, beautiful bedding and have quickly expanded into a covetable, vibrant lifestyle brand. This season, Kip&Co’s signature adult bedding collection is complimented by a comprehensive range of designer rugs, woven blankets, and cushions in rich hues, feminine pastels, apricots and lavender with plenty of linen, soft cotton and velvet.

Kip&Co’s lush velour towel collection has been expanded this season with fun kid’s beach ponchos and woven hammam towels in bright bold prints, while the brand’s travel collection, now in its second season, sees the return of Kip&Co’s ultimate weekender bag and the addition of a new cosmetics bag range and relaxed, casual duffle bags, finished with leather trims and brass detailing.

Subtropics’ ‘Tiny’ and ‘Kids’ capsules offer fun and adventure with bright, cheeky, care-free prints in breathable bamboo baby swaddles and blankets – a cult favourite for design-focused mums! And of course, ‘Body’ is back, this time with casual slouchy lounge-style sleepwear and bathrobes in tropical prints.

Explore Kip&Co’s punchy Spring/Summer 2016-17 collection ‘Subtropics’ below and shop online here:

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The most beautiful abstract art at Creative Strokes


Artwork can make or break a room. If you saw the judge’s reaction to the stunning and HUGE artwork in Julia and Sasha’s dining space on Sunday night’s ‘The Block’, you would understand the impact art can have. I recently came across one of The Block’s artwork suppliers – Melbourne’s Creative Strokes – and being a fan of the show and their pieces, I had to find out more.

My favourite way to incorporate art is to use it to bring colour into a room, which is exactly what Creative Strokes specialises in – colour, impact and emotion. The team have been selling oil paintings since 2008 and put their success down to offering free on-site consultations and mockup services, which are priceless for helping their clients choose the perfect piece for their unique space; be it in an office or home. Creative Strokes can even customise paintings based on their clients’ design or size preferences.

Recently, the online store expanded to include even more original artworks, including those by emerging and talented artists. My pick? The abstract pieces with gorgeous coastal ‘waves’ of paint in the most soothing of colours – stunning. Explore my pick of the pieces below and head over to to see the full range or call 1300 728 688.
Affordable and beautiful abstract paintings in Melbourne and Sydney 12113547_1713690485529014_47766730345129810_o supernova_nov2015 sydney-bronte-beach abstract-aqua_90x120

The gorgeous Lo & Co online homewares store, born out of Adelaide


Everything in the carefully-curated collection at online homewares store Lo & Co Interiors you’ll find in the stylish homes of friends and founders Arielle Lopresti (the Lo) and Teegan Cocchiaro (the Co).

The Adelaide duo created Lo & Co Interiors while Arielle was building her first home with her husband and Teegan was renovating her family home. It was during their searches for hardware, homewares and unique furniture they realised they could bring their finds together for friends, family and anyone seeking something special for the home – so Lo & Co Interiors was born.

The offerings are inspired by their travels and experiences over the past two years. But it’s more than just personal style – Arielle developed her eye while studying interior design and brings sourcing and creative skills to the store, while Teegan’s personal style is complimented by her business skills as a corporate finance executive. It means everything at Lo & Co Interiors is both stylish and value-for-money with a timeless, international feel.

At Lo & Co Interiors, you’ll find Arielle and Teegan’s favourite Danish homeware brands AYTM, H. Skjalm P, Louise Roe Copenhagen, Bloomingville, House Doctor, Madam Stoltz and Nynne Rosenvinge.

The furniture range includes the amazing marble furniture collection from Danish furniture design brand Handvark, with a number of other pieces set to arrive over the coming months.

“All of our furniture collection is based on pieces we love to style our own homes – it has to be practical and beautiful and bring joy,” Teegan says.

There’s also the eponymous Lo & Co Interiors hardware range, a stunning range of solid brass furniture knobs, pulls and hooks with finishes in matte brass, matt copper and matte black. The duo commissioned the range after finding it near-impossible to obtain quality, architectural hardware – beyond polished stainless-steel – at reasonable prices within Australia.

“Hardware like knobs, pulls and hooks are such an easy and inexpensive way to add a cohesive finish to a home – these beautiful metals are a luxurious look for less,” Arielle says.

“Remember, you’ll be touching the hardware on your doors, bathrooms and in your kitchen many times each day – you want that tactile experience to be a bit of everyday loveliness.”

With that, explore just a small insight into Lo & Co Interiors below and head over to the duo’s beautiful website for more.

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The timeless Weylandts and my top 5 pieces


There’s nothing better than coming across a brand that is unapologetically itself. No cookie cutter shapes, designs or colours. In a world where designers seem to be getting their works duplicated constantly and so many stores look the same, it’s a real treat to find a brand with a strong identity: I’m talking about Weylandts.

Founded in Namibia, ‘Weylandts‘ is the creation of Edgar Weylandt. Originally starting as a traditional furniture manufacturer in 1964, today, Weylandts‘ modern spirit is fostered by Edgar’s son, Chris Weylandt.

Those who know me are well aware I love the Scandinavian approach to design – unfussy, practical yet effortlessly beautiful. Almost surprisingly, this well-known South African brand has many Scandinavian influences, but what makes it so sought-after is the way it combines this refined aesthetic with the confident use of earthy, African handicraft.

The pieces have a very raw, strong and timeless appeal while also exuding a modern edge. With eight retail showrooms across South Africa, two in Namibia and one here in Melbourne, Australia, I explored the Weylandts range to bring you my five favourite pieces.

1. Ashoka Stool

This incredible stool is the perfect statement piece. I can see it being used in a grey and white based living room, adding glamour and intrigue. It’s absolutely exquisite and I love the Australian reference with the gum-leaf shaped pieces.


2. Kensington Lounge Chair

I have a thing for chairs and this one is a great ‘anywhere’ chair. Use inside or out – it has an aluminium frame with woven Polyethelene seat and backrest, meaning it is extremely durable. It’d look gorgeous in a set of two with a little table in the middle on a patio or balcony for a reading / coffee spot!


3. Monaco Sofa

I love an oversized sofa in soft grey and this one ticks all the boxes! The deep seats means it’s perfect for curling up onto and it doesn’t even need to be ‘dressed’ with other cushions – it looks complete as is.

monaco-sofa 4. Squat Coffee Table

We don’t want all of our furniture to match like a package suite – that shows no personality or warmth! This coffee table is a great way to introduce contrasting materials to your living room and would be beautifully finished with a couple of coffee table books and a vase of soft-coloured peonies.

squat-coffee-table 5. Relax Chair

My love of chairs continues with this gorgeous black leather and iron-frame chair. It’d work perfectly in the corner of a bedroom to sit in after a long day, while you slip off your shoes and transition into ‘relax’ mode.


Take a look at some of these beautiful pieces and more from Weylandts below and check out the gorgeous Melbourne store here!…

20160705-j-floor-lamps_001 balance-lamp1 bold-lifestyle-1-hr bold-lifestyle-2-hr bold-lifestyle-3-hr bold-lifestyle-4-hr bold-lifestyle-5-hr glitz-stripe-carpet-1-hr iron-chandelier-hr1 modular-marcon-lifestyle-hr monaco-4-hr sempre-hr-1 sempre-hr-3 sempre-hr-4 sempre-hr2

Earthy tones take centrestage in Douglas and Bec’s Spring range


Much loved New Zealand brand Douglas and Bec has released its Spring range with five fresh new pieces. The earthy palette is a new take for the team and is inspired by “the regionalist art movement that depicted the beauty, honesty and isolation of rural life in New Zealand”.

The pieces feature beautiful unmodulated tones of moss green, stone, fog and warm chestnut in beautiful linens and velvets, juxtaposed with the veiny marbles and bright cool whites in the new collection of table and floor lamps.

The Pare lamps are an iteration of the Line Collection, reworked into an elegant new arrangement that draws the eye to a combination of marble and bronze green glass. Brushed brass components and polished marble bases, both with circular forms, enhance the lamps’ playful proportions, finished with mouth-blown glass globes.

Designer Rebecca Dowie (aka the ‘Bec’ of Douglas and Bec) says she wanted to focus on the specific qualities of each material selected.

“Experimenting with stone and fabric steered me in the direction of earthy colours. The palette is reminiscent of regionalist art, in particular the paintings Cass by Rita Angus and Taranaki by Christopher Perkins.”

Included in the release is the RD Sofa: a design with a crisp and clearly defined form. Plush feather-filled cushions are upholstered in luxury fabrics and sit atop a solid timber base crafted from American oak and designed to offer a sense of lightness and space. While the premium finishes of the RD Sofa exude luxury, it maintains the pared-back aesthetic we all love about Douglas and Bec furniture.

Take a look…

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