Why timber is my go-to and should be yours too


I have a little challenge for you today. You know how our mood can change after going on a walk in a park or along a beach? I don’t know about you, but I feel such a huge sense of calm when I escape into nature and just slow life down for even just 20 minutes at a time.

But have you ever considered how you could use the effect that nature has on us right here in our homes?

Australia’s Beyond Blue found that “there is growing evidence that access to the natural environment improves health and well-being, prevents disease and helps people recover from illness”.

So we’d be crazy not to make an effort to bring a little of the outdoors, in.

One way of doing this is with timber. Walk into my place and you’ll see very few pieces of furniture built from man-made materials and instead a LOT of timber. How about trying a touch of your own DIY and making some ‘floating’ timber shelves for in the study or living room; a rustic farmhouse bench (great in the entrance hall for keys and umbrellas) or a minimal wooden clock?

Or why not choose some gorgeous pot plants for around your home (I have a small rainforest going on in mine!). You can also start to think about choosing natural fibres when you’re investing in throws, rugs and cushions.

Of course, you don’t have to limit timber to just inside your home. Timber decking provides such a warm and timeless aesthetic, it’s a fail-proof choice for your outdoor living space.

In fact, ‘freestanding’ decks are quite the rage now! Think of a floating floor, but in this case it’s outside and sits at the same level as your home, while your garden sits down below it.

Timber-made decks allow you to enhance the natural elements of your own backyard. And of course, companies like Thomsons Outdoor Pine Sydney can manage the whole project from design to installation OR you can choose their DIY options if you’re feeling ambitious.

And make sure you choose some timber furniture to match with not clash with your flash new deck!

So here’s your challenge: next time you choose a piece of furniture, decor or fitting for your home, consider whether it’s going to bring the outdoors vibe, in.

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Melbourne’s Fazeek does it again!


It’s been just over one year since I first came across Fazeek and interviewed owner Jackie Fazekas. But can you believe it, this powerhouse has already launched into a new range of products?!

I don’t think many words are needed for this post, because the products speak for themselves. They are Fazeek’s first ever collection of colourful belly baskets – all hand painted right here in Melbourne, Australia.

These playful baskets are perfect to store anything in – from blankets in the lounge room to kids toys, or even our indoor plants! I love the simple white prints for myself but if I had kids, I reckon they’d be getting a colourful one each!

And can we just take a moment to appreciate that STYLING! Oh my! I told Jackie how impressed I was and she let me she’s building up her styling portfolio too. I can see why!

If you want more of a Fazeek hit, check out my previous features here and here and head over to Fazeek’s website right here!

Now, enjoy…

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Clear your home and your mind this winter


Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘if it’s not useful or beautiful, get rid of it’? This is something that I try to live by in my home. I hate clutter and mess so this rule helps me to decide what I really want or need and I give the rest to an op shop.

As we go into winter, we can use this same principle but instead apply it to what’s needed at home through the colder months. The rest? Put it into storage (there are actually warehouses decided especially to keep your things safe, like Fort Knox – love the name!) and get it out of the way!

Summer bedspreads, ice-cream makers, punch jugs, beach games, fans… go around your home and pull out those things that you don’t need to see until summer crawls around!

Then, as winter leaves us, switch those summer items for your winter ones – like heavy blankets and bedspreads, portable heaters, electric blankets – and put those in storage instead.

But the one rule? Don’t fill that new clutter-free space and extra cupboard room with new things. No, no, no! Instead, enjoy the extra breathing space – you might be surprised to find that your mind seems clearer too.

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Four generations bring us Maisey Candles


For owner Sarah Morrison, Maisey Candle is much more than just a business. Sarah comes from a family who love beautiful scents. Her great-grandmother would fill her home with hand-poured candle creations, producing that heart-warming atmosphere we all at times long for. 

This lady’s name? Maisey.

Sarah decided she wanted to replicate the authenticity and warmth that her family experienced every time they visited Maisey’s home, and so, in 2014 Maisey Candle was born. It’s a culmination of one family’s journey and their combined love for gorgeous fragrances.

“I wanted to create a recipe to remember Maisey, whose love for making and burning candles in her home was passed down to my gran, my mother and now me, and share it with others,” says Morrison. “Each scent is designed to invoke memories, transport us to magical places or provide a sense of warmth and calm. Our goal at Maisey Candle is to deliver sensory experiences through fragrance.”

Recently Mini Maisey was welcomed into the Maisey family: two beautifully boxed gift sets of travel-sized Maisey Candles available in Calm and Tropical scent selections!

The Maisey range is locally produced using the finest all natural soy wax (which burn for 50% more than paraffin candles) and cotton wicks. Each fragrance is developed in Australia using the highest quality oils, including some scents unique only to Maisey Candles.

Choose from Amber & Vetiver, Bartlett Pear, Bubbles & Berries, Citrus & Santalum, Cocos Tropikos, Vanilla & Cocoa and Zest & Zingiber (how good are the names?!). Take a look right HERE!

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Winter seasonal living collection arrives in store at Kmart Australia


A carefully curated, locally-designed collection of warm and textured pieces is what Kmart’s new winter living collection is all about!

Form and function share centre stage with sleek Scandinavian styling, on-trend minimalistic materials and moody colour palettes, while cosy, tactile textures add much-needed warmth. And of course, the prices are what we expect from Kmart – designer inspired living that’s easy on the wallet.

Kmart Australia’s Head of Home, Julie Miller-Sensini, says that the stylish range of winter essentials showcase a natural look with simple clean lines – with a few hints of monochrome, providing a nod to the current interiors trend.

My favourites? The ‘Scandi wall art’ set of a pegboard, and two wooden hanging features; the matte-finish dining sets, and the fun Moroccan ottoman.

Kmart Australia’s new Living collection is available in-store nationwide and online now!

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