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Make it a magical childhood #getinmyhome

Their home is one of the most influential places in a child’s upbringing – particularly their bedroom. It is their haven, their little world and it molds into their first formation of identity.

An environment can have such an impact on a person’s sense of wellbeing, comfort and happiness. By creating a room full of colour, soft fabrics, toys, play areas, their personal space (see the gorgeous teepees!), little nooks for them to explore, soft lighting to help them ease into sleep and create a sense of warmth, and plenty of objects to inspire discovery and learning, your child will be wrapped in their own space of fun, comfort and love.

Key tip: think outside the box… literally. Don’t confine yourself to the walls of the room: use wall and ceiling hanging, different levels (ie bunkbeds) and little hideouts.

By creating a rich sensory environment in their bedroom, your child will have their own magical world.

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