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The colour of the season? Find out here! #getinmyhome

There’s a standout colour in the shops, magazines and blogs this season. It ‘s a colour you shouldn’t think about painting a room in, but that works well in ‘pops‘ of colour through light fittings, wooden or plastic furniture and textiles. It works beautifully in nurseries as a playful colour, in bedrooms as a fresh lift and in living rooms as a fun, summery shade.

What am I talking about? Yellow of course!

I’ve just bought this doona cover from Ikea and am working my bedroom around it. I’ve added this yellow bin and a beautiful little yellow pot plant just like this for the bedside table. And now, my bedroom feels like a happy, bright room with very little effort and expense.

Take a look at some of my favourite ways below to incorporate this sunny colour into your home this season…

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