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Your essential checklist for buying a ducted air conditioning system 

Given Australia’s harsh climate with its temperature and humidity extremes and its effect on our quality of life, air conditioning is now a major consideration for creating a pleasant home environment.

Many of us feel most comfortable when it’s 20 to 23 degrees Celsius*, however we regularly find ourselves sweltering on hot summer days and unable to keep warm during winter’s coldest months.

The most efficient way to create a comfortable temperature within your home, year-round, is to install a ducted reverse-cycle air conditioner.

Here are some tips to choosing the right ducted air conditioning system for your home and lifestyle provided by Actron Air:

Determine the right kW capacity for your home

To cool and heat your home efficiently you need an air conditioning system with the right kW capacity. If the kW capacity is too low, the system will struggle to moderate your home’s climate. If it’s too high, it will cycle on and off more often, causing wear and tear and costing you more to run.

The right kW capacity for your home is ‘calculated’ by taking into consideration such factors as your home’s location, cubic area, window measurements, building materials and orientation. You may need the help of an air conditioning professional to get an accurate measurement.

The Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heating Inc. (AIRAH) features a handy guide to help you calculate the kW capacity on its website at . Australian air conditioning designer and manufacturer Actron Air has customer service specialists who can expertly evaluate your home’s kW capacity.

Choose a system with control settings for each zone

For energy efficiency and to cater for different individual needs, choose an air conditioning system that enables you to set a different temperature for each zone within your home.

Actron Air’s ESP Platinum Ultima is a ducted air conditioning system that offers the flexibility of setting different temperatures for different rooms or zones of your home at the same time, for the ultimate in comfort and energy efficiency.

Select a system with an automatic air flow sensor 

To reduce your power bills, choose a ducted air conditioning system that only cools the rooms you’re using.

Most ducted air conditioners are unable to zone down to one room, so energy is wasted. However Actron Air’s innovative ESP Plus Energy Smart Zoning system automatically senses when one of its eight zones is switched on or off and adjusts the air-flow and system capacity accordingly, resulting in reduced running costs, added comfort and the convenience of having to set only one zone.

Choose an energy efficient system to reduce power bills

By choosing an energy-efficient air conditioner, you not only save money on power bills, but are being kinder to the environment.

You’re probably already familiar with Australia’s energy efficiency star rating for electrical appliances: the more stars, the more energy efficiency, which means lower power bills and a greener world.

Actron Air’s ducted air conditioning systems are among the most energy-efficient on the Australian market as their smart fan automatically reduces airflow, enabling you to save up to 60 per cent on energy consumption, compared to conventional air conditioners**.

Choose a system that efficiently maintains the temperature

To create a consistent temperature in your home and keep energy bills down, choose a ducted air conditioning system that reaches the temperature you choose and maintains it. Some systems reach the target temperature and switch off. When the temperature rises or falls, they restart to reach the set temperature again. This results in a swing in temperatures and increased power use.

Actron Air’s systems create a more comfortable, consistent temperature and reduce energy usage by sensing the slightest change in air temperature and adjusting it immediately. They also analyse how fast the temperature is rising or falling to predict necessary adjustments.

Select a system that can handle our harsh Australian climate

Every year Australia experiences harsh climate extremes so you need a ducted air conditioning system that can create a comfortable home environment in all conditions and won’t let you down on the hottest of days.

Actron Air’s systems are designed in Australia specifically for our environment and are able to perform in temperatures of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Article submitted by Actron Air 

For more than 30 years, Australian owned Actron Air has designed and engineered the most comfortable air conditioners on the market.

Actron Air’s ducted reverse cycle systems are easy to operate and energy efficient, quietly cooling and heating your home fast and effectively.

Each system features award-winning digital technology that automatically adjusts air flow for up to eight zones, effectively reduces humidity, and allows you to set your cooling or heating program seven days or 24 hours in advance.

Actron Air also offers ActronConnect, which enables you to wirelessly control your air conditioner when you are away from home, using your smart phone, PC or iOS device with a supported web browser.

All Actron Air ducted air conditioners come with the assurance of a five year warranty and the support of their quick and reliable National Service Network.

So create a year round comfortable environment in your home by calling Actron Air on 1300 522 722 or visiting

* Burroughs, H. E.; Hansen, Shirley (2011). Managing Indoor Air Quality, Fairmont Press.

** An independent energy modelling analysis indicated that annual energy consumption for a 2-storey, 4-bedroom brick veneer home in Sydney’s west is reduced by up to 61% when using ESP Plus as opposed to a comparable conventional system.

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