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Artist obsession: For My Wall by Nicola Freeman

for my wall by nicola freeman ballarat

Above: A hand delivery from Nicola to my house!

It’s a rare occasion when I see art I both LOVE and can afford, which is why I’m so excited by (and completely obsessed with) For My Wall by Nicola Freeman. I first saw the pieces pop up on social media and assumed they would be a bit too expensive for my ‘just bought my first house’ budget.

As you can image I was pretty ecstatic to find out the artwork was by the beautiful Nicola Freeman, who also lives in my hometown Ballarat. Since those first posts Nicola made on social media with her work, her orders have gone through the roof. We caught up for coffee the other day and she had 14 orders to work on that weekend! So find out a little more about my new favourite artist (and general creative, inspiring person!) and take a look at her stunning art below. Nicola creates her art work fully customised so you can pick your own colours and shapes – all for the little sum of $180 (yes – you read that right!).

Nicola Freeman grew up on her family’s farm in Garibaldi in country Victoria, with her passion for art starting at a young age. She took inspiration and insight from her artist aunt alongside her parents who were always looking for inspiration and unique artwork at little country galleries. At school in Ballarat, Nicola studied as many art subjects as she could – painting, drawing, design, technology, woodwork… It’s no surprise that her partner, Jayden, is creative too.

By day he works as a joiner and in any spare time the couple can get they work alongside each other in their farm shed ‘studio’ – unglamorous but authentic. In fact, their label ‘For My Wall’ came about when Nicola started playing around in the shed when Jayden was working for his family’s joinery business just so she could spend time with him. Soon, Nicola started getting orders for her pieces, hence their brand was born. Jayden works on the tools, cutting the different shaped wooden backings for Nicola to then work on. It’s him and her mum that Nicola says are her toughest critics but biggest supporters.

Nicola’s artwork gives her a balance to her ‘real job’ working in financial planning – with numbers and spreadsheets replaced by paints and colour. Unlike the precision and pressure of the finance world, Nicola’s artwork is completely nonlinear – she finds her best work comes from when she doesn’t overthink things. Her ‘ultimate doodle’ drawings have layers of detail and pattern, whilst her paintings start with a shape and colour, followed by the freestyle pressure-spray technique. Each piece is completely unique – something that is a focus for the pair.

 Nicola is passionate about constantly creating new pieces, and with overwhelming support from a growing list of clients as passionate about her work as she is, there’s no slowing her down. Order your own custom piece by emailing formywall@outlook.com.au and find For My Wall on Facebook and Instagram.

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for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman for my wall nicola freeman

for my wall nicola freeman

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Contact Nicola at formywall@outlook.com.au

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