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Three bathroom trends, as presented by Metricon

Last week I headed along to Metricon’s ‘Studio M’ – an immersive space where you will be guided through choosing the colours, materials and fixtures to make your home your own. Metricon runs LOTS of events for its community (take a look here), with the Masterclass last week being all about Bathroom Trends, presented in partnership with Reece.


I learnt some really interesting insights from Metricon’s residential home designer Vanessa Barisic, together with Carmen Sederino from Reece, like the fact that ensuites are more and more being used in every bedroom in the home; powder-rooms becoming a showcase space; and the movement of bathrooms from being a functional room to a space of rituals, retreats and rejuvenation, we also explored the big bathroom styling trends right now. So what are they? Let me break them into the three big themes, with images to help bring them to life!

1. Southhampton

This style is a fusion of classic and contemporary and never ceases to be in high demand. The ‘Hamptons’ style is popular among all age groups due to its timeless elegance. I adore the use of white marble, warm grey tones and brass handles to exude that sense of luxurious, seaside manor living. Consider the use of a matt black three-piece tapware set to give a modern take on the traditional look.

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2. Black Label

If you are after the feeling of stepping into a high end hotel when you walk into your bathroom, this look might be the one for you. It is epitomised by a bold monochromic colour palette, which provides a sense of drama, luxury and sophistication. One way to create this look is to use a stunning black marble, individually laid in a herringbone pattern. You can also add sheer curtains to provide a softness to the space. While it is commonly understood that the use of dark colours on walls and cabinetry can make a space feel smaller, this approach also provides glamour and emotion to a room. It’s up to you which you would like prioritise, but the play off when using dark features can certainly be worth it!

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3. Scandinavian

This ‘trend’ is certainly having a moment, but it is also here to stay. It is best pulled off with beautiful honey-toned timber, and a focus on ‘less is more’. Form and function is strong with this look, and the use of strong geometric elements can add a sense of architectural confidence and interest to a space. Think light, bright and fresh.

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If you fancy coming along to Metricon’s future free events, take a look at the line up and put them in your diary – I will most likely see you there!

This post includes images of Metricon display homes and events, reproduced with permission. © Metricon Homes Pty Ltd 2016.

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