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Three chic upgrades to make to your bedroom ASAP!

Do you ever find yourself wondering how on earth that bedroom in the magazine just looks so… good?!

And then you compare your own bedroom and think… “where the hell have I gone wrong?!” I hear you! But sometimes just a few small upgrades to your bedroom are all that you need to transform the space and make it worthy of any magazine shoot.

Bed styling is an art unto itself – so today I’m sharing 3 simple ways to turn your bedroom from mediocre to marvellous! So let’s dig in…

1. Super King Quilt Covers

If there was a simple way to make any bed look more chic, it’s to go one or two sizes up on your quilt cover! Quilts that don’t quite drop over the sides of the bed can look a little, well, stingy. Sometimes bigger actually is better – so treat yourself to a gorgeous super king quilt cover for a more luxurious look!

2. Statement cushions

Is it just me, or can you smell a boring cushion a mile off?! Plain cushions from cheap fabrics will simply not do your bedroom aesthetic any favours. So choose a one or two quality, statement cushions that you adore – and make these the star of your (bedroom) show.

3. Colour through paint

As you might have gathered through my Instagram or other blog posts, I’m a big fan of white. However, when it comes to our bedrooms, and creating a sanctuary, a splash of colour on the walls can really make all the difference. So be bold, take a chance, and choose a gorgeous deep tone for one or more of your walls. Then bring that colour in through your cushions, throw rugs and quilts to bring this chic magazine-worthy look together.

Thank you to Manchester Collection for supporting this post and sharing these images of their products.

1 thought on “Three chic upgrades to make to your bedroom ASAP!”

  1. Great tips ! Another easy one can be to match your bedside table color or material with something else in your bedroom to accentuate the visual harmony. I’m quite a fan of having a bedside table of the same color (or slightly lighter) as the wall behind it, especially if this is a colored statement wall !

    Last one, where does the awesome pearl embroidered cushion of the top picture comes from ???

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