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4 Essentials for Your Home Office

Setting up a home office doesn’t have to mean watching seventeen episodes of Grand Designs for inspiration. An office is an office, be it in a skyscraper or a repurposed bedroom in your home, which means that creating a functional, pleasant work environment is of vital importance. Here are just a few of the essentials to consider when putting your home office together.

1. Sound

Having music on in the background is a great way to boost concentration and maintain focus. There are a number of speakers you could choose for this but among the best are wireless speakers like the Sonos Play:3. These can be purchased from most audio-visual retailers like Todds Hi Fi and they can be wall- or ceiling-mounted if you need desk space. They are stylish enough to place on a table if you prefer and they don’t need cables of any kind. Most importantly, they sound amazing.

2. Tech

No office is complete without an assortment of IT items and peripherals. From reliable computers to printers, Wi-Fi routers to keep your cable management under control and tablet devices for when you need to hit the road, all will allow you to keep your office and your life running smoothly and efficiently. Bonus points for planning ahead and ensuring as many items as possible are compatible with each other!

3. Stationery

You’d be surprised how easy it is to run out of stationery, even at home. Pens and pencils, erasers and liquid paper, sharpeners, printer ink and even printer paper — make sure you have a reasonable supply of each on hand for top ups and refills. You don’t want to be caught short when you really need them. For an extra degree of professionalism, consider investing in a nice pen for yourself.

4. Storage

Of course, you’re going to need somewhere to keep all that excess stationary, and all of your business records besides. Make sure you have enough storage available to keep your hard copies secure. Invest in a safe if you plan to store cash or sensitive documents in the office. A filing cabinet, though hefty should you ever have to move, is invaluable for keeping important documents in pristine order.

These are just a few of the essentials you should be keeping in mind when putting your home office together. Make sure you don’t overstock, however — your workspace should always remain airy and well-lit to ensure a productive work day.

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