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5 Major Interior Design Trends of 2014

Whether you’re looking to spice up a room or redecorate an entire house, there’s some great styles on offer at the moment in terms of interior design. This year has seen the return of some wow factor, including colour, texture and styling, so what are the must-haves of decorating in 2014?

Black is back

Bold and sensational, the traditional bastion of the brave, black is back and it always packs a punch. Whether it’s benchtops, picture frames or flooring, black is the style of the season and it’s everywhere you turn.  The trick to black is small doses, so think occasional cushions with black patterns, a black feature wall or black flooring against the stark contrast of whites or light greys.

From the ground up there are some great options, including textured black carpets from companies such as Stainmaster, crisp black rugs or darker floorboards and tiles.

A black feature wall is a great alternative or the occasional black piece of furniture and throws. It’s always risky that you may go too far with black so temper with shades of grey, off-white, or bright contrasting colours and patterns.

The bold and the beautiful 

Black too big a step to take? Consider adding some pop to that room by using bold colour in cushions and throws. It’s a little retro in 2014 so orange and yellow are among the go-to colours of the season. Also in style are bold simplistic prints. With geometric and computer generated patterns hitting the runway for clothing, they’re likely to also make an impression in interior design. 

Step back in time

Retro continues to be trendy so think ‘60s and ‘70s Danish furniture and mid range wooden tones. If you’re having trouble imaging this palette, consider minimalistic design principals, funky lamps as feature pieces and occasional splashes of block colour. The great thing about retro is all it takes is a single piece of recycled furniture to set the tone and you’re already off and running.

Plush and opulent

As far as it may seem from minimalistic retro, opulent is also big this year including ornate light fittings, rich textural wall hangings and bright feature prints. These are set against plush rugs and carpets to create an opulent haven of comfort. 

Warehouse wonder

It’s little surprise as this has been around for a while, but industrial/warehouse styling continues to be in. This translates to heavy, wooden furniture, looking like it’s straight off the factory floor, with steel fittings and brick feature walls. Soften this with indoor plants, funky lights and cushions, and the style continues to excite.

However you choose to decorate, it’s worth bearing in mind that trends come and go and you may still be living in that house beyond the trend’s use-by date, so it’s always wise to use easy-to-alter items like feature walls, rugs, pillows, and throws to express trend. That way you can upgrade easily in the future.

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