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Five minutes with Daisy Cooper & Tina Thorburn of Melbourne Ceramics Market

Melbourne’s​ ​newest​ ​independent​ ​ceramics​ ​market​ ​is​ ​back​ for its second edition. After​ ​a​ phenomenal ​turnout​ ​of​ ​more than​ ​2,000​ ​people​ ​for​ ​its inaugural event in August, ​the Melbourne Ceramics Market is​ ​returning with double the number of emerging and established ceramic artists showcasing their wares.

Booked in for 25th and 26th November ​at Five Easy​ ​Upstairs,​ ​5​ ​Easy​ ​St,​ ​Collingwood, the market promises to bring us not only more than 50 of Melbourne’s​ ​finest​ ​ceramicists,​ ​but​​ ​a​ ​coffee​ ​truck and fresh-baked donuts too!

I caught up with the market’s founders, Tina Thorburn of Clay by Tina and Daisy Cooper of Daisy Cooper Ceramics to find out how it all began, along with what’s in store this time round…

Where did the idea for the market come from?

It’s funny. We were having coffee after the crazy Christmas rush in January of this year and almost in the same breath we explained that we had an idea that we’d wanted to run past the other.

We had each independently thought up this idea and was approaching the other to be the partner to make it happen! It very quickly snowballed from there!

How do you select which makers to include?

This was a very difficult task and one we did not take on lightly. We spent hours going through the information they sent through in their applications, and in the end we chose makers who had a consistent style which indicated an evolution of ideas had settled on a theme or idea that was clearly working for them. We wanted a diverse selection of makers so we made sure to choose ceramicists with very different styles. We are so thrilled with the makers we have on board!

Describe the experience of the Melbourne Ceramics Market to those who haven’t been before?

Our inaugural market was packed.

Be prepared for crowds, but with that comes a friendly, bustling market vibe that is hard to find in Melbourne.

We are so spoilt for markets and with so many of every weekend I think we get complacent. Not with Melbourne Ceramics Market, people rock up knowing the quality is going to be good, and with a good idea of what to expect: gorgeous ceramics! We will be addressing the crowds this time whilst still nurturing that bustling maker vibe. We had such good feedback from our makers and customers saying it was like nothing they have ever done before.

We hate to choose favourites – but are there any stand outs in the line up for the Summer edition of the market? 

Oh that is a hard question! It’s like choosing a favourite child! That said, we are very thrilled to have Katherine Wheeler. She won the biannual Craft Victoria award earlier this year and is a very talented maker with a totally unique style. Additionally some makers who rarely do markets are on board, which is a big treat.

Some of these include Lucky Anna, Dawn Vachon and Penelope Duke – all are fabulous makers with distinct styles that we adore.

Join the Melbourne Ceramics Market Facebook event, and we’ll see you there!

Artists: Rara Studio, Clay by Tina, La Petite Fabrique de Brunswick, Arcadia Scott, Daisy Cooper Ceramics, Anna Cuttriss, Asobimasu
Artists in header image: Melanie Channell, Elnaz Ceramics, Daisy Cooper Ceramics, Sarah Parker Designs, Emily Only
Images: Rachel Hickey Photography courtesy of Melbourne Ceramics Market

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