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5 simple ways to create a rustic chic design for your home

Rustic chic is an increasingly popular choice of design in the modern home. Contemporary is embracing its roots using raw materials and traditional influence to create a style that gives modern décor a run for its money. Rustic chic embraces natural materials – earthy wood, stone and brick – to complement elegant shabby chic furnishings and accessories. You can easily incorporate the rustic look into your home no matter the layout or original style. Here are 5 tips that will help you achieve this stylish look.


Raw-Natural Furniture

Perhaps the most important part of creating the rustic chic style in your home is choosing furniture that falls into that category. This interior décor is a mix of old and new materials, old woods, stones and bricks with newer fabrics and accessories. From tree branches to old fence pickets, you really can use resources from your yard, a flea market, or even that old farm outside of town! The common denominator is that they are all made from wood or stone and are usually salvaged from older objects to help achieve the weathered look. Natural blinds, awnings and shutters can also be designed to complement this look; companies like Stylewise Security Brisbane have some great examples.



Rustic chic is a perfect balance of rugged worn wooden or rusty materials, soft fabrics and a few expensive eye catching items. Go salvaging in old op shops for antique items. Look for mirrors, buckets – anything that is old and fun. Think creatively too. Could that old door work as a makeshift coffee table? Could that chipped colander make a great lampshade? Look for opportunities to mix the old with contemporary items.


Choosing Colours and Fabrics

Soft white or lighter coloured fabrics and linen is a good way to compliment the harder furnishings. Rugs, painting and carpeting should be neutral colours like sands, browns and greens. These colours help foster the vintage feel and also create a sense of nature.  As an example, a rustic bed would usually be made of heavy wood and would be softened with soft colours in antique style quilts to achieve the desired style.



The lighting in your home or bedroom can affect the ambience and mood of the room. Soft lighting tones are best to help create the rustic chic style. This will help bring out the colours and materials used to achieve the design. You might have to replace your bright bulbs with something a little more friendly on the eye to achieve the result!


Rustic Art Pieces

The art pieces and wall hangings you choose for your home and bedroom should also compliment the rustic chic interior style. Opt for woods and natural materials to capture the essence of the outdoors. Carved, unpainted and unvarnished woods make great pieces to influence the natural scene.

No matter where you live, whether suburban or rural, rustic chic is a simple yet effective way to bring the outdoors in, creating a stylish and beautiful retreat. Add some rustic chic touches to your home and feel the difference.

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