Five tips for pet-friendly living

There’s nothing quite like the feeling when a four legged friend greets us when we get home from work after a long day. The excited wag of a tail or contented purr helps put back into perspective what’s really important. But as much as we love our little furry friends, there’s no denying that they can be a bit of a nuisance when it comes to keeping the house clean.

Not to fear! We have 5 tips to help you live in peace with your favourite pets and your much loved decor pieces! Take a read…

1. Opt for colours in the same tones as your pet

As you have no doubt noticed, pet fur can show up pretty badly on some colours! It’s best to stick with shades that are similar to those of your pet. For instance, white dog hair is going to be much less noticeable on cream couches as opposed to black ones!

2. Choose your fabrics carefully

The most durable fabrics for sofas in terms of wear and tear from pets are top-grain leather and tightly woven fabrics. These types of materials will resist tearing and are easier to sponge-clean than loosely woven or thin fabrics. You can even put a gorgeous rug under your pet’s favourite sitting spot for extra protection and a touch of style. Just be sure to wash it every week or two to avoid it getting dirty and smelly!

3. Think about flooring

Carpet isn’t ideal for pet owners as it absorbs odours and stains, plus is a real trap for pet hair. But if it’s your choice, go for a low-pile option in a colour that matches your pet so it’ll ‘hide’ the pet hair. Otherwise, tiles, concrete and floorboards are easy to mop and keep clean.

4. Prepare for regular maintenance!

You’ll not only need to groom your pet regularly, but also clean your home frequently too! Clip your pet’s nails regularly to prevent scratching of your furniture, and brush them often too so that you can capture their hair and avoid it spreading around the house! You can even buy vacuum cleaners specifically designed to suck up pet hair, like Vax’s ‘Slim Pet‘ models which are cordless handstick vacuum cleaners… rather handy for cleaning couches and other awkward places!

5. Create a little nook for your pet

Finally, don’t forget to create your pet’s own ‘zone’. It might be their sleeping space or their day-time hang out space – whatever it is, you can choose stylish pet beds and accessories that match the rest of your colour scheme, so the area isn’t an eyesore. Plus, creating this space and training your pet to use it will help keep their lounging and playing in other areas of the house to a minimum… hypothetically!

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