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5 Ways to give your room a Spring makeover

Spring is upon us, and there is no better way to usher in the new season than to change your room up a little. You can splurge if you like, but there are also many cheap (and even free!) ways you can make over your room. If you are looking for something in particular or even if you just have a vague concept in mind, furniture retailers like Super A-Mart will be able to help you find what you are looking for. If you’re just starting out, though, here are some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.


Rearrange the furniture in your room – this might be your bed, your desk or even your cabinets, if they’re not too heavy. Put your bed at a different angle, or move it to the centre of your room. Change things around a bit, and you might even find yourself liking it more than ever!

Add a splash of colour

You can add colour to your room in a large way by painting the walls or your door a different colour. There are other easier ways to colour up your room, though – you can grab a brightly coloured bedspread or fluff up your bedhead by adding a couple more coloured pillows. Even a scarf or a throw on top of a table or a little bookshelf can make all the difference.

Bring nature in

Spruce up your windowsills with a couple of pot plants – these can be little cacti, flowers, or even some ivy. These plants will give your room a soft, welcoming feeling. They can be placed in old teapots or unused coffee cups for something a little quirky and different. Potpourri, both bought and handmade, is also great if you want to bring in a natural, organic smell into your room.

Decorate your walls

Spring makeovers often neglect walls because they can be expensive to change up, but they can actually be quite easy to decorate. Wallpaper is one of the simplest ways to change a big section of wall without paint, and decals can also add just that bit of spice to your room. Decals come in many different colours and designs, and are also easily removable if you decide you want to put up something new.

Bedside accessories

Change up your bedside table by buying a new lamp or a new alarm clock – this might even match a new colour scheme you may have in mind. You can also re-frame some of your photos to give them a fresh new look.

These are just five ways you can give your room a spring makeover. You can use these as a springboard for your own ideas and modify them to your liking. Let your imagination run wild and good luck!

Are you planning a spring makeover this year? What ideas do you have at the moment – and at the same time, is there anything you might want help with? If you have ever given your room a spring makeover, what tips would you give to others wanting to do something similar? Leave your thoughts, comments and experiences in the comment box below.


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