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Five ways to create a serotonin-full home

Have you ever noticed how moving into a certain space can completely change your mood? We should all live in a place that evokes happiness and makes us feel content and calm. The way our home makes us feel can affect our productivity, interactions with others and ultimately our happiness. Take a look below to see my five best tips for creating a home that will boost your serotonin levels and keep your mind happy.

1. Change your lighting

These little additions can change the way a room feels by bringing warm light and creating a cosy, liveable space. Tip: use scented candles to inspire different moods – burn a lemongrass scented candle to boost alertness or a lavender scented candle at night for relaxation (or to help the little ones to wind down!).

2. Use neutral, calm colours

According to House Beautiful colours such as blue, off white and grey are the most soothing colours to use in our homes. Keep these colours in mind especially when painting and choosing furniture and fittings. You then have a bit of freedom when decorating and can add a pop of colour to brighten up a space!

3. Create softness 

Cushions and throws add a softness to a room that can make the space feel comfy and inviting. Layer up cushions on your couch or create a cosy corner using plump cushions and fluffy throws. Use these spaces to relax and get the good vibes flowing!

4. Add touches of greenery

Not only do they look beautiful, decorating with plants around the home can increase mood and creativity (read about it on Body + Soul). Positioning plants next to a window to catch, absorb and reflect the light is especially effective.

5. Decorate with personal touches

Find a photo that reminds you of a happy time or dig out the souvenirs you bought on holiday and decorate with these. These things have so much more soul than mass produced things we buy! You’ll be reminded of that time whenever you see it, adding nostalgic happiness to your day.


I don’t know about you, but having a four legged friend around certainly keeps me grounded and happy. Apartment living at the moment means this isn’t possible, so I’m always hanging out for the times I get back to the family home to spend time with gorgeous staffy Jazz! Maybe it’s time you added a furry friend to your household 😉

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Do you have other tips on how shifting things in your home can make you more calm and happier? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Five ways to create a serotonin-full home”

  1. Cushions and throws! It is incredible the difference just draping a throw over the corner of a bed or couch can make. It takes a room from hotel to home. Love some tips on indoor greenery and plants that are good for indoor air quality!

  2. I love this article… All really great tips… especially keeping it personal. Also totally agree with House Beautiful… I think grey is one of my favourite colours at the moment…

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