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6 month catch up with Fazeek!

I featured the sassy metallic napkins of Melbourne’s Fazeek in April. Now, 6 months on, founder Jackie Fazekas is smashing goals left, right and centre. I can’t help but feel proud of and excited for Jackie seeing her business grow from inception to ‘officially killing it’!

Jackie started with linen napkins and has now expanded into aprons, cushions, table runners and tea towels, along with plenty of custom orders!

Fazeek’s first client was South Melbourne’s Lume where Jackie created their very own custom aprons and napkins! And don’t get me started on the custom napkins in white and pink that Jackie designed and hand painted for The Style Co (top image in this post). Talk about a dream job!

Also, Jackie has a new website and spot on product photography – take queues anyone else looking at taking your business to the next level.

Explore the full range here and follow Fazeek on Instagram and Facebook too! And take a look at Fazeek’s latest products, with the gorgeous food shots below shot by the very talented Melanie Lionello of Naturally Nutritious.
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