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8 interior design styles to try for your bedroom

Your bedroom is your own personal place in the world. It is the space where you can retreat for time out from the chaos of everyday life. It should reflect your personal tastes and be a place where you feel at home. If you’re unsure how to decorate your bedroom in a way that suits your personality, one of these tips to add modern touches to your bedroom might be the perfect solution.



Get the basics right. A comfortable and supportive mattress will ensure a good night’s sleep. Modern technology has reached the world of mattresses and there are some incredible options available. Add quality bedding made from natural fibres. Wool is fantastic as it will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Comfortable and rejuvenating sleep is worth every cent you will pay for excellent products. A specialty bedding retailer like a  MiniJumbuk might be a great place to start your search for superior woollen products.



Retro is really in vogue, so if you love all things old-school then this could be the look for you.  Make your bedroom on trend by hitting the markets and looking for retro items. 


Modern classic

If your personality suits the classical look there are loads of modern classic bedroom accessories available. You can buy decorative ceiling mouldings and trendy chandeliers to dress up the ceiling. Add a few pieces of classic furniture and you will have the look.



Grey walls with a white ceiling will give your room a modern industrial look. Polished concrete will achieve the same result. Choose stainless steel accessories.


Black and white

Black and white bedrooms are very trendy right now. This colour combination looks sophisticated and can be minimalist or plush depending on your tastes. 



While geometric designs might remind you of the sixties, they are right back in style. Geometric lines and shapes will add a striking edge to your décor.



Vintage is in in a very big way. Lace, hessian and crochet will turn your room into a vintage haven. Vintage can be very pretty and super feminine.



If you have an inner diva, the luxury bedroom could be the choice for you. Dark elements and metallic accessories will help create a luxurious room.

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