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A look at Klaylife’s latest lighting range

I have long been a fan of klaylife, and in fact I told their story about how this brand came to be here. Join me as I take a look at klaylife’s latest collection.

klaylife is a brand that is about more than just the products it sells. Each bead used in its gorgeous chandeliers are formed using raw clay local to the small South African community who makes them.

The clay is rolled by hand before being sun-dried, kiln-fired and dip-dyed, then masterfully strung in their hundreds onto their special iron frames to create those signature chandeliers. It’s a process that promises no two lights will be the same and is part of the popularity behind this now four-year-old Australian brand.

I love that through the sale of each chandelier, jobs are created for the people of a small community in Kwa Zulu Natal who desperately need the income to support their families.

I brought you klaylife’s very first lighting collection here. Now let me share with you its new collection, starring a bold shade of blue called ‘Denim’, plus a more airy design, ‘The Lace’. But perhaps your favourite – like mine – will be uber glamorous ‘Romantic Swag’, which uses hundreds of beads to create a soft, draped effect.

Take a look at klaylife’s new collection below, and if you do decide to make one yours, know that its very existence has made a positive contribution to a small community in need of a helping hand. That’s something special indeed.

Photography: Armelle Habib | Art Direction & Styling: Bree Leech

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