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A new covetable product from the George & Willy crew

I’m sure we all love the smell and feel of freshly washed clothes. But if you’re anything like me, you get sick of packing and unpacking the clothes rack to dry your clothes, particularly if you’re a little pushed for space (hello apartment living and that spare room for ‘drying’!).

This is the inspiration behind the latest beautiful piece by George & Willy, a duo of creators, producing functional and simple objects that make living stylishly that little bit easier. The Hanging Drying Rack┬áis designed to provide an alternative to drying clothes that isn’t weather dependent and doesn’t take up floor space in a small living area.

This clever creation attaches to the roof by a cord that is used to adjust the height of the rack. It can be lowered closer to the ground to load and pulled closer to the roof to be kept out of the way, and the simple combination of George & Willy’s iconic timber brown with black metal means it will suit any space.

We love the creations that George & Willy have brought to life, including the Studio Roller, so we can’t wait to see what they come up with next!





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