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Armadale’s new wellness destination Willow Urban Retreat

Wellness studios are taking urban cities by storm. The latest – and beautiful – addition to Melbourne is Armadale’s Willow Urban Retreat.

Today, we’re going inside this curated space to uncover just what makes it a “transformative wellness experience”.

Willow Urban Retreat is a day spa, a yoga studio, a massage space, and a wholefoods cafe. The interiors of these two double storey heritage buildings have a serene, spacious, calm and minimalist appeal.

Behind the concept were the talented team at Meme Design, who say their process was about exploring how they could:

Actively contribute to human health, performance and well-being by integrating the best innovations in building technologies, materials, planning and programming for a space that soothes the senses.

And that they have.

The Retreat combines Eastern and Western healing philosophies not only in the treatments offered but in the build itself. This sees acoustically treated rooms and sprung floor design in the movement space, to purified air systems and non-toxic ethically sourced building materials, along with a crystal grid set into the foundation of the retreat to promote clear and healing energies, restore balance and embody positive vibrations.

Many of the walls, features (like the mirrors and shelves) and doorways are curved and finished with a continuous hand applied cement. This reminds me of the famous white curved walls in Santorini.

Then, there’s the natural stone, jade green onyx, and gold accents, which add extra sophistication and depth. I love seeing local artist Maddie Sharrock‘s beautiful layered concrete counter and stools, along with acclaimed landscape designer Paul Bangay’s touches, which add freshness throughout.

So take a deep breath and look inside…

Images from Meme Design, photographer: Sharyn Cairns

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