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A sophisticated Clovelly property

When one of the photos from this NSW property popped up in my Pinterest feed, I was compelled to click through and see more. Ohh the soft, ooh the furniture choices, ooh those views!

This Clovelly home oozes sophistication and restraint. It is bathed in a colour palette of blues, whites, creams and greys, and paired with light timber and pops of glitzy, polished brass.

Take a look at that dream walk-in-robe, with its curved edges and creamy tones, complete with a desk and stool to do one’s make up.

I also love the simplicity of the dining space, with a gorgeous timber table and chairs, similar-toned timber floor boards, a sail-like feature pendant light and floor to ceiling windows looking out onto the ocean.

Without future ado, step inside this Madeleine Blanchfield Architects designed home…

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Photography: Prue Ruscoe from here.

3 thoughts on “A sophisticated Clovelly property”

  1. Loved the living room layout, specially the armchairs, they are spectacular. The dining area too looks amazing, that light fixture just blew my mind, it is certainly the star of the show here

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