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The surprising Henry Deane, Sydney

When the progressive and talented Australian designer and all-round creative entrepreneur, Sibella Court, and her team at The Society Inc. are brought on to dream up and then roll out an interiors project, you know the result is going to be something special.

Let me introduce you to Henry Deane – the ‘crown jewel’ of Sydney’s Hotel Palisade. This Sydney cocktail lounge spills across the fourth and fifth floor of the 1800s building, which used to be a low-end, wharfies hang out. The name itself comes from the late engineer, Henry Deane Walsh, who the Sydney Harbour Trust commissioned to build a hotel on top of the Millers Point pub. Now reimagined, the new Henry Deane bar is a far cry from its grungy roots.

The interior is distinctly 1920s Hollywood glamour – with a warm and feminine palette of dusty pink and grey. But don’t let the softness fool you – there is lots of attitude and rawness in the space too. Architect Alex Popov reconstructed the rooftop and made the stunning  360-degree views of Sydney’s The Rocks, the CBD, Barangaroo, and the Harbour, the hero.

Then, The Society Co ensured all the finer details were considered, in a framework of their “take on present day Australia.”

Every surface is hand touched, from the hand printed marble wallpaper, salvaged wooden doors, bespoke curved leather banquette and Australian contemporary artworks by celebrated artists.

In the words of Sibella:

Whereas Level 4 is inky & rich as you ascend the steel clad staircase , you reach the top of the world – all airy, bright & magical. Floaty hand dipped curtains blow in the breeze, as waiters glide around pink leather sofas & handprinted leather DJ box with cocktails & oysters. We built a  curved glass panelled kitchen that meets the porcelain & leather fronted bar that flanks the Southern wall.

The salvaged hardwood floor is a nod to the areas industrial past lit by custom brass cap shades. Everything in this space is custom-made & handtouched by many talented artists, makers, painters, tinkerers, drapers, creatives, builders, smiths, signwriters, wrights, potters, tanners, glaziers, electricians & pickers who I coerced , wrangled & talked into making things in record time.

Immerse yourself below – and then book in a drink ASAP… I’ll join you!

print_palisade_008 print_palisade_007 19554645_474985042840298_7472027550423337386_n 20155682_476087556063380_7376634403502376334_n 20229150_476640069341462_2384069291836142865_n 20376197_480366565635479_5618687346109817414_n10154979_212065202465618_4721183397393958080_n12508727_223773084628163_578675319026041638_n 12509179_212067775798694_1172558351483898283_n 13680763_300863163585821_4340639103902109466_n 13876313_311405585864912_5525008708931289193_n 11205043_235057000166438_5617310469316268021_n 12932661_256701534668651_8362229858634761066_n19598714_468276156844520_3885571457840646293_n 20292822_479493422389460_4896611012538486379_n  Images from Hotel Palisade’s website and Facebook page.

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