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Best bathroom style trends for 2014

Is your showerhead shameful? Are your tiles terrible? Is your basin just plain boring? It just might be time to for a complete refresh in your restroom. Here are a few of the hot ticket bathroom design trends that are capturing the imagination of interior designers in 2014. Are any of these solutions just what your bathroom needs?

Coloured glass basins

When it comes to basins, porcelain is out and coloured glass is in. The most desirable glass basins recall the appeal of hand blown glass, with ripples and bubbles in the glass and slight inconsistencies in the overall form. These often-translucent glass basins are available in striking colours like deep blue, gold or earthy red. Really adventurous bathroom designers are using glass basins with contrasting colours and clashing patterns. These basins haven’t caught on in traditional bathroom hardware stores yet, but can be ordered online from speciality retailers like Vinci Living.

Ga-ga for greenery

Your grandma was ahead of her time with the little fern in the corner of her bathroom. Plants are a really in style bathroom accessory this season. One or two pots aren’t enough though – the real trend is to install a vertical hanging system so an entire wall is covered in lush foliage. The natural greenery beautifully contrasts the traditionally cold, manufactured chrome and porcelain surfaces. Ferns, orchids and peace lilies are good options as they are comfortable with low light and the occasionally steamy atmosphere. If you’ve got money to burn, there are also automated watering systems available that will give your plants a drink when the moisture content in the soil gets too low.

Wooden accents

The look of aged, natural wood is making a big comeback. Wood panelling is being applied with great effect on vanities, feature walls and around recessed baths. Tiles are being overlooked in favour of dark timber floors, aged with beeswax or a natural stain. When managing renovations, many designers are paring back the ceiling in the hope of discovering large wooden beams that can be exposed and reconditioned to create a major focal point. For a real earthy feel, other natural surfaces such as stone or slate can be incorporated alongside the timber. 

Amazon showerheads

Ceiling mounted, rain showerheads are providing the most sensuous, luxurious bathroom experiences in 2014. These large showerheads drizzle water down on you from on high, simulating the exotic sensation of bathing in the rain. 

Matt tiles

High gloss, shiny tiles are out for bathrooms in 2014. In their stead, designers are looking to matte tiles with the soft, muted finish of natural concrete. Monochromatic colour schemes using greys and off-blacks are really on trend.  Be careful that the tiles are not too light, especially if they’re being used on the floors or in the shower cavity. The matte finish also result in a highly porous surface, so these tiles can actually stain quite easily if they’re in areas that are prone to excessive moisture or the build up of grime.

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