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Blinds in Print launches Florence Broadhurst collection

I’ll be the first to admit that blinds aren’t something that typically get me excited. Kitchen benches? Yes! Choosing furniture? Absolutely! Blinds? Not so much.

However, three friends – Cameron West, Pete Watkins and Richard Macalister –  are on a mission to change that, with the launch of their company Blinds in Print.

With backgrounds in digital media, business operations, and the textiles industry respectively, the trio saw an opportunity to turn blinds into a feature of the home – rather than an afterthought.

Richard is a stalwart of the blinds industry, having been in it for 30 years. With experience in textiles and the development of fabrics for window coverings, Richard saw the opportunity for this new venture two years ago, following the developments in digital printing technology, and the growing markets in Europe and the USA.

Meanwhile, Richard’s son in law Peter and Peter’s longtime friend Cameron had talked about working together for years. They both had experience in start ups: Peter in the operations side, while Cameron “fell” into the digital space at the age of 15 “when Google was just being born”. 

As Cameron told me:

The business is a perfect blend of our skills and combined 30 years’ industry, 10 years’ digital and 40 years’ business experience – which I suppose is how we ended up in the position that we’re in!

It’s hard to believe that their business Blinds in Print only officially opened the doors one month ago. They have already scored a coup in the form of a collaboration with art director-turned-designer Patricia Braune. To add to their impressive collection of designs, just this week the guys launched their latest collaboration – with renowned Australian fabric designer Florence Broadhurst.

I caught up with them to find out more… 

How did the collaboration with Florence Broadhurst come about?

When we started conceptualising the printed designer blinds business, one of the first people we went to see was a friend Gary Price who owns a textile company called Materialised in Sydney. They are the licensee for Florence Broadhurst in wallpaper and textiles and in discussion with Gary we realised that there was a huge opportunity as no one had offered her designs as a roller blind. This got us so excited. 

What was it about Florence Broadhurst’s designs that made you want to include them in your range?

Florence is an iconic Australian designer who we’ve admired for a long time. Not only does she have these unique & luxurious designs which incorporate rich and vibrant colours but has such a fascinating life story. The more you read about her the more compelling her range becomes. 

In terms of why print her designs on roller blinds? We think the roller blind is the perfect canvas to create a feature against a neutral coloured wall.

Particularly for those that want to incorporate a design element or some colour into their room but may be hesitant to cover a full wall in wallpaper. We think a Broadhurst design is just the answer.

 What does this collaboration mean for your customers?

We know that Florence has such a huge following not only in Australia but around the world and to be able to own a Florence print on a roller blinds is something that we think people will love as its a piece of art.

Roller blinds have traditionally been something that are kept as a plain colour but the collection of Florence’s amazing floral designs or geometric shapes will take any room to the next level. 

A big thanks to Cameron, Peter and Richard for sharing their new collection with us. Take a scroll to explore the Blinds in Print Florence Broadhurst range!   

JULY 2019 UPDATE: The team at Blinds in Print have just launched a new business – Acoustic Blinds and Curtains! Be sure to check it out!

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