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Bondi’s incredible handmade, sustainable and fairtrade store, Commune

Commune: An intentional community of people living together, sharing common interests, often having common values and beliefs.

Opening its doors only last year, Commune Bondi is a haven of all things ‘good’ in every aspect of the word. Each product in this lifestyle store has the tick of approval from founders Loren and Kristie of being sustainable and, wherever possible, ethical, fair trade and handmade.

So they are not only (extremely) good looking products, but good to the people who made them, and the environment too. That’s the way it should be in our opinion.

So how did it come about? Like most great businesses, the concept came from a problem. As Loren and Kristie say:

After struggling to find these types of products collectively, we launched the idea to bring them all together. A Commune of sorts – a place where a community of artisans and conscious consumers comes together.

The fit out of the store is simple but it lets the products sing. Narrow timber poles are suspended from the ceiling using twine, which is how the clothing (think faded denim, natural linens and pastels) is showcased, while various levels of vintage timber tables display the many handcrafted and ceramic homewares.

But that’s not all. Look up and you’ll see Mudhavi hanging planters filled with greenery (all for sale, of course), and on the floor you can’t miss some of our favourite makers’ wares: Pop & Scott’s pots!

I think the final word about what Commune ultimately does is best left to Loren and Kristie:

Commune Bondi is a place where we showcase our favourite brands. We love nothing more than hearing and sharing the beautiful stories behind these brands, and the artisans who skilfully made them possible.

Take a look below and shop Commune’s incredible wares in store or online.

Images courtesy of Commune photographed by Iris & Heart

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