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Caesarstone Reveals The Dark Art of Drama in the Kitchen

With a long spell of white being the go-to for kitchens, there’s an exciting shift happening that can’t be ignored…

Ever the leader in what is about to become the next “big” thing in kitchens, Caesarstone brings to use its four favourite ‘darks’ to help us bring the dark art of drama to our homes.

There has been a surge in interest in the dark side of kitchen finishes with black quartz, charcoal granite and black cast iron emerging as favourites.

In a nod to the drama and authenticity of dark, moody tones, chargrilled ingredients and the natural finishes of stone, quartz, oxidised metals and lacquered timber, Caesarstone has signalled a surge in interest in its deepest, darkest quartz surfaces.

Li Edelkoort, foremost global trends forecaster and frequent collaborator with Caesarstone, observes that kitchens are traditionally a very white and antiseptic environment, but in a dramatic shift they are now making a move to the dark side, featuring black quartz or charcoal granite, black cast iron, charred clay pots and scorched ingredients.

While at first the choice of black for the kitchen seems surprising it is actually logical and connected – it is as stylish as the black bowls and plates we are now choosing to present our food on.

Caesarstone features four finishes that it says epitomise the look and have been specifically designed to work with other semi industrial finishes such as burnished metals, lacquered timbers and hand made ceramics. So let’s explore them!

Vanilla Noir is perhaps the most dramatic – a deep, dense black base with delicate traces of greyed-white veins.

Caesarstone’s Jet Black is the ultimate black surface, a seemingly bottomless, rich black that has a subtle, yet consistent patterning. In fact if you haven’t already, check out Guy and Jules Sebastians’ home, which features a glorious dark kitchen using Caesarstone’s Jet Black.

For a slightly softer take on the dark arts theme, Raven is a deep slate grey – almost black – featuring a quiet dappling that adds texture and a more tactile appearance to the surface.

And for a marbled approach to the dark rituals theme, Caesarstone’s Piatra Grey offers yet another dimension – a smooth deep slate grey with chalky white sporadic veining.

And excitingly, Caesarstone’s collection of  ‘dark rituals’ quartz surfaces are by no means the sole domain of the kitchen – the same palette is gaining popularity in the bathroom!

Go to for more details.

So tell me below, will I see you on the dark side?!!

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