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Armadale’s Moby cafe

We all know that Armadale, Melbourne, is a style mecca. It is a favourite destination for the newly-engaged, excitingly hunting for that perfect wedding dress, along with the fashion forward, lifestyle loving ladies who love to explore the beautifully curated grocers, beauty salons, cafes and boutiques.

New onto the shopping strip is a place ‘Where Melbourne Charm Meets Modern Flavour’, otherwise known as Moby. This cafe is the brainchild of Melbourne locals Steve Svensen and Christina Higgins. The two have well and truly cut their teeth in the hospitality industry, with Steve previously working as head chef at Richmond’s Pillar of Salt, and later creating the concept and menu of Northcote’s Barry (one of my local favourites). Meanwhile, Christina has an exciting background, having worked with famed chef Ottolenghi (one of my mum’s favourites!) as catering manager.

There are no surprises that the interior of Moby is incredible, with Melbourne interior design studio We Are Huntly responsible for breathing new life into the previously tired, late 1970’s shell. In the words of We Are Huntly, they:

“Celebrat[ed] the curve, iconic arched windows lining the corner façade frame the punches of Tuscan pink render and block teal within the interior.”

I love the colour palette, featuring muted tones of pinks and blues, brightened with the whitest of white finishings. Inspired and warm, this all-day café fits right into its stylish Armadale surrounds. Take a look at the stunning images below by Sharyn Cairns for We Are Huntly.

We-are-not WeAreHuntly_Moby-01 WeAreHuntly_Moby-02 WeAreHuntly_Moby-03 WeAreHuntly_Moby-04 WeAreHuntly_Moby-06 WeAreHuntly_Moby-07 WeAreHuntly_Moby-08 WeAreHuntly_Moby-09 WeAreHuntly_Moby-10 WeAreHuntly_Moby-12 WeAreHuntly_Moby-14 WeAreHuntly_Moby-16 WeAreHuntly_Moby-17 WeAreHuntly_Moby-18

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