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Inside California Nails salon, Barangaroo

Join me as I discover Sydney’s stylish new salon, California Nails

I bet I’m not the only one who gets a little grossed out by the state of some nail bars. The overbearing chemical smell… the nail clippings sprinkled like confetti on the floor… and the unnaturally bright gunk that gets scooped out of unlabelled tubs and scrubbed into your hands and feet. This is in industry ripe for disruption and I’m excited to see a new business doing just that – and in style too. Say hello to California Nails in Sydney’s harbour-side community, Barangaroo.

Brought to life by some of my favourite Australian designers at TomMarkHenry (who are also behind one of Australia’s sexiest fish n’ chipperies!), California Nails is reminiscent of vintage LA’s coolest salons.

Feminine, sophisticated and a touch of vintage, this new beauty destination features hand-rendered powder pink walls and ceiling, gold trims, and beautiful curves referencing the tips of nails, through the wall sconces, bulkheads, walls and mirrors. And of course, this LA-inspired space wouldn’t be complete without some potted palms too.

The team carefully ensured that the salon met its required Green Star rating by choosing an environmentally-friendly clay-based render to help clean the air, along with durable materials including timber-look vinyl to preserve the floor’s longevity.

So without further ado, take a look inside California Nails Barangaroo!

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