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How to choose the right entertainment unit for your space

Entertainment units have become so much more than just a place for putting your beloved TV. The reality is that the TV unit for many of us is the focal point of our living room. And if statistics are correct, we apparently spend an average of 4 hours per day watching TV. It’s our go-to place for pure entertainment and relaxation at the end (or the beginning) of our day. TV units offer a host of functions – they can be used as a storage unit, wall shelving, display nooks and even electronic and media storage. Before you start shopping, take a read of our tips and discover a couple of our favourite finds to help you on your way… 

Room size

It’s a good idea to measure the size of your room before you start looking for TV units.  Do you have a limited space to play with? You want to the size of your TV unit to be in sync with the size of your room. If you have a larger room, maybe you want to consider an overall storage system that attaches to the wall behind the TV. If you’re living in a studio apartment, perhaps you just need a streamlined and simple lowline TV cabinet.

Style and design 

If you have a darker room, consider choosing a white laminate or oak coloured TV unit for a great contrast. Or if light isn’t a consideration and you have mostly darker pieces of furniture, consider walnut or black matt finishes. Do you want it to be free standing TV unit or one that is attached to the wall from behind and hovers above the floor? Do you want it to be a feature piece in the room with multiple display storage compartments included or an understated cubic piece? These are all questions to consider before you go shopping.


Do you need additional storage for TV remote controls, books or messy cables from electronic devices? Great solutions are full wall units with plenty of options, like the Copenhagen wall system, which is the gorgeous feature image. These types of units offer you the choice of a TV unit, cupboard and drawer storage, open display shelving, an attachable desk, customisable bookcase and a sideboard and are perfect if you want to create beautiful feature wall and is completely customisable in terms of colours, finishes and dimensions. 

Media storage 

More and more, we rely on technology for music, entertainment, information, education and enjoyment. So having a TV unit that can easily accommodation cables, speakers and screens is vital. We found this Lugano media unit (see below) which offers optional cable trays, so you can easily organise your cables out of sight behind closed doors! 

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