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Clear your home and your mind this winter

Have you ever heard of the phrase ‘if it’s not useful or beautiful, get rid of it’? This is something that I try to live by in my home. I hate clutter and mess so this rule helps me to decide what I really want or need and I give the rest to an op shop.

As we go into winter, we can use this same principle but instead apply it to what’s needed at home through the colder months. The rest? Put it into storage (there are actually warehouses decided especially to keep your things safe, like Fort Knox – love the name!) and get it out of the way!

Summer bedspreads, ice-cream makers, punch jugs, beach games, fans… go around your home and pull out those things that you don’t need to see until summer crawls around!

Then, as winter leaves us, switch those summer items for your winter ones – like heavy blankets and bedspreads, portable heaters, electric blankets – and put those in storage instead.

But the one rule? Don’t fill that new clutter-free space and extra cupboard room with new things. No, no, no! Instead, enjoy the extra breathing space – you might be surprised to find that your mind seems clearer too.

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