Create calm in your home with art

For many of us, the hours spent at home have risen sharply in recent weeks as we adjust to life during the Covid-19 pandemic.

With our homes now acting as a place of work, play and everything in between, it’s more important than ever to create a sense of calm and ease through our surroundings.

And doing this can be easier than we might think, with one solution being art, which can make us feel calmer, as well as more hopeful and inspired.

In light of this, Sydney based artist & stylist V. Butchatsky of ANTICS + ARTISTRY has launched a new collection called ‘Creating Calm’, with her abstract paintings drawing on specific tones that research has shown to be calming and soothing.

She says:

The new series will be designed with self-isolation and home interiors in mind, and each artwork will be painted from a considered palette drawing from research within colour psychology. 

As part of the campaign, to help make original art more affordable when times are tight, ANTICS + ARTISTRY is now offering 20% off all listed works plus free shipping anywhere in the world. 

What’s more, for commissioned artwork, as always, 10% of each commissioned piece priced over $2,000 will be donated to the charity of the buyer’s choice. 

As V. says:

“I hope my ‘Creating Calm’ campaign helps more people benefit from having the beauty of art to lift your mood within your home.”

Shop ANTICS + ARTISTRY online at, on The Block Shop and connect on Instagram @antics.and.artistry.


  • I randomly came across this website and I really liked your content. Will show it to my wife. I’m sure she will love your post. Keep sharing something similar more!

  • I am a full time homemaker without kids. I had worked the first 8 years of our marriage, and all my single years before that. We wanted kids, but married when we were older, and the olde we got, the less it became a priority. When we both worked, our home life was just stressful. We were always wondering who was going to cook, walk the dogs, take care of bills, etc. We decided to try having me stay home and I love it! It has been a full time job for me.

  • So all of these lose money. Sounds like home renovation with the intent to increase resale value is a bad investment. I’d only pursue a project if 1) the home would not sale otherwise 2) there is a risk of damage to the home without performing the work or 3) personal enjoyment.

  • Hi,

    Living your life happily naturally sprinkles happiness around. I achieved my financial independence after 7 years of a full time well paying career. I had no complaints with my job. But i did want to quit sometime to be able to just be more available to myself, my home and my family. So now when i am soon to turn 30, i am living on my savings, am married, do not have kids, stay at home and am happy. Isn’t that the dream for most? Then why should people be jealous! But fact is, they are…Do I care? Sometimes yes, but mostly i feel grateful for being in a position that people can envy. If u are blessed to be able to do this on ur own momey, try once…it is totally worth it.

  • I randomly came across this website and I really liked your content. Will show it to my wife. I’m sure she will love your post. Keep sharing something similar more.

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