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Design trend: LED feature lighting

Back in the day, we wouldn’t dream of using LED lighting as a feature in our homes, let alone as chandelier style pieces. Well that has all changed and I’m calling it: 2017 is the year of the statement LED!

Traditionally, LED lighting wasn’t something we’d associate with high end, designer living. But that’s exactly what we’re seeing now, with stunning designs installed as the centrepiece of lobbies, as a key design feature in restaurants, and as the modern, finishing touch to our homes.

So why LED lights? They are generally very energy efficient, using significantly less energy than halogen or incandescent lighting AND they give a really soft, diffused light: a very different aesthetic to traditional globes.

Take a look at some of my favourite looks below and check out Hello Bright where you can shop online! PLUS, the getinmyhome community get a 15% discount by using the code MYHOME2017′ on the online store!

5e335bddb61be4be53954adcd9a6e6e5 Image above from here. Top image from here.


Image above from here.

No.19 Cafe Society, Ascot Vale, by BIASOL:Design Studio. Photo © Ari Hatzis

Image above from here.

Le-Roch-0716_222-1 Le-Roch-0716_122

Images above from here.


Images above from here.

Two images above from here.

3 thoughts on “Design trend: LED feature lighting”

  1. These lightings are looking beautiful. Lighting is always a center of attraction. These LED lights are really a style statement now.

  2. I love your style, you always have a very refined taste in practically everything. The lighting fixtures are very classy, and LED is the new light, we shanged all our lightbulbs at home a couple of years ago. Thanks for sharing!

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