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Fantasty Friday – meeting room in a CLOUD #getinmyhome

Fantasy Friday – when weird, extravagant and funny are the flavour of the day.

This week it’s an item that would certainly spice up office gatherings. It’s a room in which to get the creative brain-juices bubbling. It’s portable room for meeting, resting and concentrating, say some. Others claim that entering this room is a captivating experience where people’s roles have a tendency to disappear, and creative thoughts fly free. Merchants tell us that you can set it up and pack it down in three minutes flat and transporting it is a breeze.  Oh and it’s from Sweden, so it’s instantly cool. It’ll set you back a lazy US$9,699.00… but that does includes the silent fan to keep it inflated (bargain?). Critics have been harsh. “Hmmm… 9,699.00…. or.. a sheet and a fan for free...” You be the judge. Here is Swedish designer Monica Förster’s Cloud Meeting Room:

Cloud meeting room - vit - OFFECCT

Cloud meeting room - vit - OFFECCT


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