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Fantasy Friday – REAL glass houses by Santambrogio #getinmyhome

Forget the impracticality of all that cleaning, the lack of privacy and the insulation and indulge in the sleek planes of transparent delights of Santambrogio‘s blue-hued glass houses.

Carlo Santambrogio and Ennio Arosio collaborated to bring us the range ‘Simplicity’. These two homes are certainly that.

And if you’re not convinced, a few benefits:

No need to shout around the house to communicate – you can signal

Scared there are monsters lurking under the bed – just look up from the floor below and bingo

Fall asleep at night looking up at the stars and be sheltered from the rain

No fumbling around with light switches – there’s plenty of natural light

You’ll always know who’s at the door before opening it (too bad you can’t pretend to be out).







Photos from here & there.

4 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday – REAL glass houses by Santambrogio #getinmyhome”

  1. Really! Wow, I can’t believe there was one built for real use – the ones in this post are purely concept ones! Please take some photos if you do go back Alex – would love to see! x

  2. There was a glass house in a town nearby where I used to live as a child. I remember riding my bike down the street and just standing in front of it fascinated at it. At night I believe they had screen walls or windows that darkened to create privacy. I thought it would be amazing to live in (as a kid). My parents not so much. This reminds me to go visit the street if I am ever in the town again.

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