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Fenton & Fenton’s new, playful Spring collection

It’s the hub of unique, eclectic and colourful designs, and now Fenton & Fenton has introduced a new Spring range

With furniture, soft furnishings, rugs and lighting, the collection delivers a vibrant palette of bold hues and a muted take on brights. It includes pieces from Australian artists Megan Grant, Kristen Daniels, Carly Williams and Helen McCullagh gracing the walls, along with geometric patterned rugs, silk carpets, towels lovingly created by ‘Mr Fenton’ plus furniture and lighting designed and curated exclusively for Fenton & Fenton.

“The furniture is both elegant and playful and designed to help us enjoy a colourful, expressive life and remind us of the joy that Spring brings”, says Lucy.

Signature pieces include the Woodrow collection, which is designed in-house, and the bright Mario Giusti synthetic crystal pieces, which are one of the store’s many modern takes on a classic design.

Founder Lucy Fenton travels frequently to find artisan designs for her store, scouring places like India, Morocco and Europe for pieces made from marble, timber, silk, leather and more.

Take a look online or in store in the gorgeous Fenton & Fenton Prahran store and courtyard, and in the meantime, feast your eyes below…
fenton-august-2016_03 fenton-august-2016_05 fenton-august-2016_07 fenton-august-2016_08 fenton-august-2016_09 fenton-august-2016_10 fenton-august-2016_11 fenton-august-2016_12 fenton-august-2016_14 fenton-august-2016_15 fenton-august-2016_16 fenton-august-2016_20 fenton-august-2016_22

Images styled by Heather Nette-King with Fenton and Fenton and Mr Fenton products. Photography by Armelle Habib.

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