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Five festive food styling tips

Family, food and fun: the three key ingredients to a great Christmas!

But coming in a close forth after that is the aesthetic side of things. So today, I’m talking festive styling and how to make all that FOOD look FABULOUS!

I recently hosted a Festive Styling Masterclass with the one and only model turned restauranteur and former MasterChef contestant Sarah Todd. But before I dive into her tips – take a quick watch of a snippet of our evening with Metricon Homes below:

Ok – let’s jump into how we can make our grazing tables look more “wow” and less like we have just emptied the contents of our groceries bags onto the table (hands up if you’re guilty of this too!).

1. Choose a Theme

My mum will laugh at this one because I always tell her exasperatedly when she asks for my help on her interiors, “but mum – you don’t have a theme!”. It’s become a bit of an in joke now – but it’s no laughing matter. Before we start buying decor or furniture, or choosing paint colours, we need at least a bit of an idea of the theme we’re trying to create when it’s all finished.

As Sarah shares:

Having a defined colour scheme not only adds a polished look; it also makes it simple to make all the styling decisions. Choose a scheme that you love, be it classic gold and red, silver and pastel blue or a more on trend finish of rose gold, coppers and rose pink.

2. Get creative with spaces

I’m the first one to put my hand up and say I’m dealing with a micro space right now. Apartment living in Melbourne can be pokey! Sarah’s tip?

Create a buffet on your kitchen bench or dining table, or use a side station as a dessert buffet to maximise space.
3. Play with heights
This is one of the BEST ways to take our grazing tables from mundane to marvellous. Honestly! Just add some crates or upside down bowls to rest plates on to create different levels on your table. As Sarah explains:
This makes the display more visually impressive and dynamic, and allows each dish to shine.
4. Think ahead
Don’t fall into the trap of missing Christmas day because you’re stuck in the kitchen! Sarah shared that she does as much as possible to prepare food on Christmas eve. We can do the same with our styling: 
Get all your linens, crockery and glassware out and set aside ready for the buffet.
5. Add festive greenery
Here’s another top tip for styling whether at Christmas or any time of the year. A touch of greenery really does make all the different with finishing off a grazing table. Snip a few twigs from your Christmas tree, see what you can find in your garden, or a pick up a bunch of inexpensive gum branches at your florist. Sarah’s favourite is this:
Lay a trail of garlands and fronds along the buffet for something simple and elegant. 
Thank you to Sarah Todd for sharing her festive food styling tips and to Metricon Homes for putting on this Masterclass and sharing the video and images used in this post – it was so much fun to host!

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