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Five minutes with Jardan’s Nick Garnham and Renee Brown

With the launch of one of Australia’s most popular (and eco-friendly!) furniture brands in Richmond, Melbourne, it was a perfect time to find out more about what makes Jardan so unique.

Nick Garnham (co-Director with brother Mike) and his wife Renee Brown (Creative Manager) took five minutes from their insane schedule to have a chat. Take a read (and catch up on my Jardan store launch feature here)!

Who do you see as Jardan’s customer?

Our core business has historically been architects and designers but with the advent of our new retail store we are looking forward to meeting and building relationships with new end-user general public clients.

What sets Jardan apart from other furniture stores?

We control our products from wo to go. W design and manufacture all of our products in Melbourne which enables us to easily customise our range to suit clients needs.

Local manufacturing allows us to ensure quality control and satisfy fast lead time requirements.

We can also set and maintain our stringent environmental management systems.

It’s rare for organisations to be carbon neutral. Why was this important for Jardan?

Becoming carbon neutral has been a key part of our environmental management targets and we have been measuring or carbon foot print since 2010.

We have been taking steps to reduce emissions through changes in practice and implementing energy efficiency and waste reduction initiatives.

In 2012-13 Jardan became Australia’s first certified carbon neutral furniture manufacturer under the Federal government’s National Carbon Offset Standard (NCOS) program.

There are only 40 other businesses currently certified under the standard, demonstrating our leadership in environmental practices, alongside of Australia’s highest profile brands – being mostly banks, airlines etc.

What next for Jardan?

We are working on lots of new ranges in lighting, outdoor, sofas and tables as always!

We do hope to roll out more larger scale retail stores into other capital cities and push the brand to more international markets as well.

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Jardan furniture Australian-made

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