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Five reasons to go eco-friendly at home

Every week, we’re put under pressure to reassess the number of chemicals we use around the house. If we’re being especially mindful, we should even watch the chemicals we consume in our food products… it seems like we just can’t escape from chemicals! But there are many good reasons to avoid chemicals and the switch to natural alternatives might not be as difficult as you think. They say good habits take a month to form, so why not really commit to go chemical-free in March? If you’re not sure if doing so is right for you, here are five reasons to consider going green in your house this month.


1. We absorb the chemicals around us

Our skin absorbs chemicals, which isn’t good for our health. It’s not just cleaning products we need to watch out for though. People who use any kind of common body products like lipstick, soap, sunscreen, and shampoo and conditioner are absorbing 60% of that application. Start being aware of what you put on your largest, most absorbent organ – your skin. Think green and reduce the chemicals being drawn into your body.

2. Implications beyond your home

Think about the impact your products have on the bigger picture. It’s not just a cleaner looking shower that you’re achieving. By purchasing these products, you’re contributing to a big environmental impact through energy, materials, and increasing landfill – from the production of the product, through the travel and freight impact, to the waste at the other end of use. Support companies that try and have a green footprint, that recycle their materials, use sustainable resources and are protecting the environment and not damaging it. It will be better for your conscience too!

3. Harsh chemicals come from big businesses

Think about the little man. Every time you source a green product, you’re supporting a smaller business that values both humans and the planet. You are saying no to mass production, slave labour and sweatshops. You are saying yes to cleaner air, less waste, and safe and fair working environments. Natural product retailers like Biome work hard to support small businesses with a conscience for humanity and the environment.

4. Chemicals cost more

Saving money. This in itself is a good enough reason for many people to make the change. Everyone likes to save money. Try making your own cleaning products; instead of buying that nasty spray bottle for the kitchen bench, mix together water, vinegar, and eucalyptus oil in a recycled spray bottle. This will set you back a quarter of the cost of its predecessor. It will still kill the germs, but without the chemicals and bad environmental impact. Plus, it’s better for your health. As mentioned previously, be mindful of the chemicals you’re subconsciously absorbing every day.  

5. Won’t somebody think of the children?

Everyone wants to keep their kids safe. Are you constantly checking the kid-safety lock? Do you have to be extra mindful that a visiting friend’s child doesn’t make their way into the cupboard under your sink? If you’re cutting out the harsh chemicals from your household, you’re taking away this unnecessary worry. You can sleep peacefully knowing your family is safe from harsh bleaches and strong and dangerous chemicals.

These are five good reasons to considering giving chemicals a miss this March. Are there any other factors motivating your decision to go natural? Share your thoughts with others in the comments section.


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