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Five ways to create a Scandinavian haven in your home

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE a bit of Scandi; those simple lines, gorgeous light-toned timbers and plenty of white. When we think of Scandinavian homes, we think of high quality craftsmanship, pared back styling, a focus on natural light and muted tones.

Luckily it’s actually one of the easier styles to create in our homes, as it doesn’t require making huge changes to fittings or surfaces and works well blended with other styles. So take a read of my top five ways to create a Scandinavian haven in your home.

1. A monochrome colour palette

You can’t go wrong with a colour palette for your home that is based on white. Add a few accents in black and some light-toned timber and you’ll have ‘Nordic’ written all over it! Choose matte rather than gloss finishes to keep to the traditional Scandi look.


Image above from here. Top image from here.

2. Graphic artwork

Modern Scandi is very much about expression through art. Large but simple graphic pieces do this perfectly, and again, the most popular are monochrome. Choose a phrase, a simple line drawing or a graphical print and hang in a simple and thin black, white or oak frame.


Image above from here.

3. Oak furniture

The place to invest your money when it comes to kitting out your home in ‘Scandi style’ is with timeless furniture, particularly chairs, tables and cabinets. Opt for solid oak pieces with sturdy frames and durable fabrics. I recently discovered Icon by Design, which specialises in all things Scandi furniture!


Image above from here.

4. Rustic materials for decoration

To add a little more interest to the beautiful clean times and pared back styling, we now bring in the slightly more rough and textural accessories. Think sheepskin rugs and throws along with raw timber stools. These smaller pieces can be mixed up over the months and years to create change and contrast around your newly-styled Scandinavian home!


Image above from here.

5. Indoor plants

Finally, every Scandinavian home needs greenery! To keep to the Nordic style, choose unfussy pots in greys or whites and taller plants with large leaves rather than small, delicate florals. Place these plants near windows and in areas of the room that need that little something extra! And don’t be afraid to add more than one plant to a room.


Image above from here.

Now it’s your turn to get styling! Start introducing these different elements to create a beautiful Scandinavian-inspired home that you love to be in.

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