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Four personalised wedding gift ideas!

What can you give a couple on their wedding day that hasn’t already been given? Sure, if they’ve registered with a bridal registry, it’s easy – just pick a gift from the list, knowing that’s what they actually want. But what if you want to give something more original and personal? Here are five wedding gift ideas for every couple.

1. Engraved Photo Frame

Photo frames never go out of style, especially a really beautiful frame that has a meaningful phrase engraved into it – make it something that will resonate with the couple and what they stand for. The newlyweds be able to put a photo of their choice in it to remind them of their wedding day or any other special occasion they hold dear in their hearts. You can find plenty of original frames in online stores like Personalised Favours – often items you can’t find elsewhere!

2. Personalised Chopping Boards

Ok, so not every couple likes to cook, but they’ll have to do some kind of chopping at some point! An engraved wooden board or set of boards will make the task more enjoyable. They may even double as cheese boards for the entertainers. Get the board engraved with the couple’s names, wedding date, or whatever you think will resonate with them and they’ll have something a little more special than their typical wares in their kitchen.

3. Gift Baskets

Gift baskets are fun because you can fill them with items that you know the couple will enjoy – relating them to their hobbies or personalities. Find a pretty basket or tray, both of which are reusable, then fill with just about anything. If they couples are foodies, fill the basket with gourmet foods. If they are movie lovers, fill it with popcorn a couple of movies, and a throw they can snuggle under. Do they love coffee? Choose a selection of coffees with a classic Italian percolator. Be creative!

4. Personalised Glassware, Crockery and Appliances

As is the case with most weddings, a couple will probably receive several sets of glassware and crockery, not to mention appliances. To stand out, you can give them a set of glasses or crockery that have their names (or a message) printed on them, as well as on the lovely wooden box they’re kept in. Or for something really quirky, you can arrange for a toaster that is specially modified to toast bread with their picture on the bread slices!

There’s nothing better than buying a gift for a newly married couple and knowing they truly appreciate, and will cherish, what you give them. It’s even better when your gift has a personal touch to it, so they’ll know you really put thought and love into it.

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