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Four ways to add value to your home

Renovations can be a fantastic way to increase a property’s value. Breathing new life into your living space can also give you with a sense of satisfaction and have flow on effects for your lifestyle. The following tips are some of the simplest ways to add value to your home!

1. Patio

Make the most of your outdoor space by adding a patio to your house. It’s advisable to go with a specialist patio and deck builder, as specialists are licensed, trained, and use high-quality materials. Some specialists, such as Additions Building, provide cost-free consultations. Don’t underestimate the value of a consultation; choosing the right roofing and design will ensure you get maximum use and comfort out of your new living area.

Once your patio has been built, start decorating! Pick up outdoor furniture at a local retailer or charity shop, then add plants and cushions to compliment the exterior of your house.

2. Paint

Improve the look and mood of your home by giving its interior a fresh coat of paint. Doing the painting yourself, while challenging, can be quite inexpensive and is one of the best ways to save money. If you’d rather not paint, cleaning your house can be nearly as refreshing as a new paint job, so give doors, windows and skirting boards a once-over with a multi-purpose cleaner.

3. Kitchen

Upgrading your kitchen is a given when it comes to adding value to your home. However, if you’re on a tight budget, there’s no point worrying about major renovations. Simply keep your kitchen up to date by adding some new appliances such as a dishwasher and stove. You can also spruce your kitchen up by fitting new taps. For added cohesion, purchase taps with the same design as the others fitted in your home.

4. Lighting

Upgrading light fixtures is an incredibly simple and cost effective way to add value to your home. If you have old-fashioned lights, replace them with down-lights and use them to highlight your favourite pieces of decor. If you’re looking at selling your property, install energy-efficient lighting—it’ll make your home more appealing. Add some lights to your patio, and consider yard lighting too. Homes suitable for outdoor entertaining are valued highly.

These tips only scratch the surface of home renovation. Get creative and make changes that resonate with the vision you’ve always had for your home. It’s amazing how much value some small adjustments can add.

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3 thoughts on “Four ways to add value to your home”

  1. Agree to your ways but we mostly never point these things as much we have to that’s why our houses are looks average after spending so much of cost.

  2. Doing a major decluttering every couple of months is also a good idea. We often keep all kinds of unusable items that only take up space but could serve as free decoration for the home and outdoor spaces. Like bottles, pots, kitchen appliances, etc.

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