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Four ways to put that empty space to use!

Empty space – it’s something so many people crave! Empty space basically equals a blank slate, the opportunity to arrange things just as you want and to fully put your mark on the place. A truly empty space can be rare to find but minimalism is an enduring interior design trend.

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So, how can you make the most of empty space?

1. Capitalise on the spacious, airy feel

One of the most wonderful things about empty or uncluttered space is that it feels airy and spacious. To keep this feel, be committed to not cluttering up the space and using furniture that serves a number of purposes. A good example of this is a stylishly upholstered ottoman that can be used for extra seating or a coffee table. If storage space is available within the ottoman, all the better!

2. Strategically arrange your furniture so that large items are positioned at the back

Situate large, bulky items of furniture away from the entrance to the room to preserve the feeling of spaciousness. The heaviest, boldest items should be placed on a wall far from the door with all other items of furniture arranged in a way that balances out the rest of the space. This approach helps to avoid the sense that furniture in the room is smothering you as you enter the space.

3. Use paint to your advantage

Try minimising the visual weight of a piece of furniture through camouflage. You can either paint the piece of furniture the same colour as your wall or possibly try painting the wall the same colour as the furniture piece. It’s a strategy that does work if you are serious about maximising space. When a wall and item of furniture are the same colour, your attention is not so easily drawn and the item of furniture no longer feels so intrusive or heavy. In the same way, paint can be used to hide or disguise other large, unwanted items such as fans and heaters that may only contribute to the visual clutter in a room.

4. Don’t give in to clutter temptation!

As excited as you may be about arranging furniture and styling your previously empty space, be committed to keeping surfaces clear and free from clutter. Of course, it’s unrealistic to think that space will keep the completely empty vibe, but clearing surfaces can give you great insight into the parts of the room that look better and create a better energy when they are empty.

To make the most of empty space and preserve the feeling of a clean, uncluttered environment, position items strategically, look for furniture which can serve a dual purpose, think about colour combination and be dedicated to keeping surfaces free from unnecessary clutter.

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