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getinmyhome’s Valentine’s Day Shop: The Wallabuy Edit

If you haven’t already come across Wallabuy, you’re in for a treat! It’s one of Australia’s newest online homewares/gift/style stores and full of very ‘I can see myself using/wearing/giving that’ products – handy hey?!

So to celebrate one of the most loved up or lonely days of the year (we’ve all been there), here’s my Wallabuy edit to either shove under your partner’s nose or treat yourself with. Because after all, if we can’t buy into a commercial day all about measuring love by presents received, when can we stock up on covetable little items?! (The answer is never, of course!).

Here goes…


Details: Love Baby Print, $49.95

Why I love it: The least corny and most graphically kewl heart print you’ll see


Details: Macaroons Sky Hang Tufted Rug, $840

Why I love it: A little bit of extra padding on the floor is just, well, practical right? And throw in ‘Macaroons’ as this rug’s name and you have me sold.


Details: Kiss Kiss Pillow Slip Set, $49.95

Why I love it: You should never go to sleep without kissing and making up right?


Details: 24 piece eco crockery set in Melon, $186.60

Why I love it: If pink is the colour of love and passion, that morning bowl of Weet-bix just went to a whole new level…


Details: Babe Coffee Body Scrub, $21.95

Why I love it: Even if it’s a solo activity, every Valentine’s Day should end up with a little scrub in the shower, surely? To keep the skin smooth of course…


Details: Ever After Print, $30 (on sale from $39)

Why I love it: It’s this what we all want in the end; just to be really, really happy and live happily ever after?


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