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GlobeWest’s Earthy Eclectic collections for 2020

I’m just going to come out and say it: I have a huge crush on all things GlobeWest!

The brand is loved for its beautiful, refined pieces, that are both in style yet timeless, with ranges that allow you to mix and match seamlessly between them… instead of looking like you’ve picked up a package furniture deal!

GlobeWest has just released its new collections for 2020 – Earthy Eclectic – with a huge 14 brand new indoor and upholstery ranges… so let’s delve in!

Explore an exotic fusion of unexpected textures and earthy tones. Desert shades of terracotta and mustard create a sensuous space filled with warmth, while geometric form and pattern are mixed to delight the senses and imbue a tribal, bohemian mood.

An earthy individuality and sense of surprise emerges as warm, layered colours and natural rattan meet rich velvet and hand beaten metals.

Overarching design and product development influences include a desire for human connection, the wonders of nature and the increasing need for stillness and balance.


Paper cord is woven to create patterned and textured functional surfaces and gives a nautical touch that evokes summer getaways. The hand-crafted construction provides an artisanal feel and will add character to living, dining and bedrooms.


Mediterranean blue, ochre and terrazzo textures will take you to the coast and add a playful touch to contemporary interiors. The fine black frame gives the tile top products a clean, contemporary feel.


Bondi’s white and yellow terrazzo is playful and evokes feelings of bright summer days. The fine white frame is light and unobtrusive and pairs back beautifully with timber finishes.


This monolithic and brutalist style range features heavy slabs and strong silhouettes, grounding any room. Wood grain detail adds texture to the black ink pieces.


Conrad’s natural finishes and low seating speak of a laid back, simpler life and encourage relaxation. The sofa’s soft neutral linen softens the hard edges of the wooden bases and will transform any interior into a space of retreat.


Linear textured patterns are the feature of this new range creating tactility and visual interest. The refined rib detailing gives the design hand-crafted character and the exposed dovetail joins celebrate true craftsmanship.


Mason’s pared back form and rounded edges gives softness to its materials and creates a sophisticated and calm aesthetic. The angled legs add depth and gives this range its character.


This simple range was inspired by architectural cabinetry and will appeal to the contemporary and classic customer. The renewed take on recessed door detailing is balanced with solid matte Carrara marble creating a timeless appeal.


The rough sawn finish of the solid Mango wood gives the simple form a rustic feel. The pared back palette of natural wood and white creates a comfortable and coastal feel while the black on black option accentuates the minimal curves and lines.


This range features strong lines and linear ladder detailing on the shelves. The fine black frame compliments the chunky statement top created a sense of balance.


Paloma features clean outlines and curved edges, creating a sculptural range. The terrazzo finishes add texture and interest to the simple forms.


Tully merges curved surfaces and linear patterns. With an open design and clean lines, Tully pieces are a beautiful storage solution which allows you show a curation of books and collected objects.


Channel a mid-century modern feel with this new range features clean lines and rib textured doors. The slender metal legs create a sense of weightlessness while the mid-brown finish will bring a visual warmth and comforting sense of nostalgia to the room.


Theodore’s curved contours will soften the surroundings and create a glamorous yet comfortable feel. Boucle fabric and fold detailing adds texture to the organic forms to give an effortlessly luxurious look.

So tell me below – which is YOUR style?!

You can explore more beautiful GlobeWest pieces here.

2 thoughts on “GlobeWest’s Earthy Eclectic collections for 2020”

  1. As a furniture and decor designer I am constantly looking for inspiration. I just love the Tully and Conrad rooms. The use of natural timbers and mid-century designs are just stunning.

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