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How to get the look you want (and ensure it stands the test of time)

Isn’t it funny when you have been subconsciously admiring something without realising what it really was? This happened to me recently when I thought the homes I loved were built from gorgeous weatherboards and it came to my attention that it was a different type of material altogether!

Spending my teenage years in Ballarat, I have a real appreciation of Victorian homes. More recently moving to Melbourne, into the inner North, there are no shortage of beautifully renovated, period homes with stunning frontages that respect the homes’ history while looking really contemporary at the same time.

On weekends, my boyfriend and I often go on walks (I drag him, but he doesn’t mind too much as he enjoys checking out the different developments going on!) and we pick out our favourite homes. Mine ALWAYS have a similar aesthetic.

And here is what got me: I thought the look I was loving were created using timber panels, but I have since learnt it was a material I had never heard of before: Scyon.

Sycon is made from a fibre cement composite. I wanted to share (and research for myself) why we might choose this material over timber and all the different and unique looks it can be used to create. So here goes…

1.The modern coastal look

An invigorating coastal breeze, the endless stretch of the glistening ocean and the calming sound of waves lapping against the sand—is there anything more relaxing than the coastal lifestyle?

I love the coastal look: white washed walls and classic weatherboards. But traditional timber weatherboards are prone to rotting and/or mouldiness from the large amount of water vapour present in the air.

This is because timber absorbs water, known as ‘hygroscopy’. Unlike wood, Scyon’s Linea weatherboards are resistant to damage from water and dampness, meaning there is no chance of it deteriorating in extreme climates. This means we can get the classic weatherboard look with added durability.
natalie-header untitled_design_-19

2. Outdoor living  

Australians love the great outdoors, whether we’re spending a day at the beach, going on a bushwalk or entertaining alfresco-style. Speaking of the ‘outdoor kitchen’, this should be an extension of the home. To help achieve this, we can use horizontally-laid cladding to lead the eye outdoors and create a sense of continuity between indoors and out.

When it comes to picking the best material for our outdoor living space, it’s important to find a hardwearing and robust material built for the Aussie conditions. Some building materials can warp under the heat, particularly malleable materials like timber. In contrast, Scyon is created to withstand the hot Aussie sun and won’t warp or splinter. 
scyon-linea-3 scyon-linea-2

3. The rustic country look

Rustic materials like corrugated iron and metal cladding are being mixed with modern materials like fibre cement cladding to put a modern spin on the rustic Australian look. This new aesthetic is a blend of an industrial, country and contemporary style that is perfectly suited to the Australian bush.

Think about mixing the industrial look of Scyon Matrix with timber accents that echo the bushland surroundings. Scyon is a great choice for rural living because it is made from a premium fibre cement that is deemed as a non-combustible material, so it can be used in bushfire prone areas. Please click here for more information.

In addition, Scyon is resistant to termite damage so you can get the classic weatherboard look without the fear of termites eating away at your home!

a-modernist-makeover-renovating-1970s-brick-home-header inner-city-mixed-header

3. Classic meets contemporary

Creating a home that represents your favourites style and is low-maintenance is the key to becoming a happy home owner. However – if like me you love the modern take on traditional period homes, you know you might be in for some added upkeeps. My family’s previous home in Ballarat was a 100-year old Victoria house – absolutely beautiful but a small fortune to keep looking its best, particularly because of the regular painting needed of the exterior.

SO! It is very handy that Scyon products are designed to hold paint longer than timber. This means there is more time to enjoy our homes, rather than having to constantly repaint it!


I have learnt a lot in my research and I hope this helps you too! I would love to know what your favourite look is? Tell me in the comments below!

The gorgeous header image is from a project by Three Birds Renovations using Sycon.


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