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Three household tasks that are 100% worth hiring a professional to do (with Airtasker)

Why am I still surprised by how difficult it is to find time for household chores? I’m not the only one this happens to, right? I’d much rather spend my spare time exploring local cafes and stores or with my family, so these tedious tasks are often left unattended.

Recently, with work seeming to be busier that ever, I’m starting to let go of the control freak in me and I am learning about the goodness of outsourcing. It can be money well spent when it allows you to use your time to do the things that make you happy. I’m not even a mum yet, but I can only imagine how much more challenging keeping on top of the household jobs will be then. I recently heard on the radio (from mums no less) that the best gifts to give to new mothers are practical ones, like doing jobs for them, such as cooking, grocery shopping and cleaning. I had better stop gifting all the cute baby clothes and toys!

A solution for outsourcing is a platform called Airtasker. It is simple to use and has a large community base, which makes finding someone for your job easy. I’ve picked three tasks that I believe are totally worth spending money on:

  1. A heavy duty bathroom clean

Isn’t this the bane of everyone’s existence? I don’t know where it comes from and why it’s so stubborn, but bathroom scum doesn’t like to be removed. Instead of using a whole bottle of spray to try to clear it – along with half your Saturday – why not find someone who can give your bathroom a monthly clean while you get on with the more important things?

2. Professional frame hanging

Even when I think I’ve hung a new artwork or picture perfectly, I’ll stand back and see it hanging off centre (and I’m sure it’s not just the perfectionist in me)! It is so much easier to hire a handyman/woman who has grasped this craft, and have them come to you and hang a frame PERFECTLY.

3. Flat packed furniture assembly

I don’t think this one needs any explanation – it is so worth spending money on furniture assembly (and I’m sure it’s saved many arguments too!).

Using platforms such as Airtasker is easy – create an ad with a price and description, then wait for the offers to roll in. My only advice is don’t get too distracted by other, slightly unusual job ads (spider removal? Genius!).

Image: James Geer

2 thoughts on “Three household tasks that are 100% worth hiring a professional to do (with Airtasker)”

  1. Yes! Airtasker is great for these sorts of tasks. Can I add a 4th? Oven cleaning… urgh! Who loves oven cleaning? That often long overdue and neglected chore can be a big job to get it looking spick and span again.

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