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Perth’s vibrant Alex Hotel

My oh my – this is one hotel none of us would want to leave! I’m talking about Perth’s Alex Hotel, opened in late 2015, which is a design-lovers dream!

With the overarching concept of the ‘hotel as home’, interior design experts Arent & Pyke crafted four key pillars for the design: ‘the personal’, ‘the escape’, ‘the craft’ and ‘the legacy’, and in doing so have created a hotel that sets a new benchmark in innovative ‘home away from home’ design (and I don’t say that often!). Arent & Pyke say even the name was carefully chosen, to evoke a sense of visiting a familiar person – be it Alex ‘the friend’, ‘the uncle’ or ‘the brother’.

The design is bright, eclectic and warm, nurturing a sense of connection, homeliness and comfort – yet it is equally as full of wonder and layers. These layers are pointedly absent from ‘normal’ hotels and give so much depth, texture and character to this special place.

Arent & Pyke commissioned artists – as they often do – to create pieces for the Northbridge space – such as bespoke furniture, produced by one of my favourite New Zealand-based companies, Douglas and Bec.

Along with the architect for the project, the Freemantle-based Spaceagency, Arnet & Pyke’s key focus – and Alex Hotel’s point of difference – was the inspiring and generous communal areas. For example, instead of in-room minibars, an honour-based kitchen concept was installed on the mezzanine, while entry doors open directly into guestrooms, avoiding wasted, not to mention impersonal, corridor space.

Says the hotel:

While our bedrooms are little creative bases to dream, sleep and think, we believe a hotel should be like a home, with shared communal space for living. Stretch out, relax, discover and connect in our lounge rooms, outdoor terraces and roof garden.  We will be sharing our dedication to interesting wines, craft beers, artisan spirits, good reads, and great locally roasted coffee. The space is yours to enjoy.

Take a look inside, then book your stay!

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All images from Arent & Pyke, with photography by Anson Smart

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