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Goose, down, wool or synthetic? Here’s how to choose a quilt!

It’s that time of year: swapping our summer doonas for the thicker, cosier winter ones. But what if you don’t have a great winter quilt – or your previous one has been a little too loved?!

Where on earth do we start with allll the different quilt options out there? Let me give you some insight to help you make up your mind!

Goose Down Quilts

So why goose?! Apart from how soft, light and plush the goose down feels, it also optimises warmth regulation to help keep us cosy for the whole night! Goose down keeps your temperature consistent with built-in sweat and moisture wicking that keeps you from overheating, while the super lightweight material also lets your body breathe, trapping in just the right amount of welcoming warmth. In case you didn’t know (because I learnt something new with this!), Goose Down performs the highest in warmth to weight ratio when compared to Duck Down, Wool, Bamboo, Cotton, and other synthetic fibres. Go with an 85% Goose Down Quilt for the ultimate warmth.

Duck Down Quilts

Ok – the next option is Duck Down! As Duck down is a natural fibre (plus biodegradable!), it holds superior thermal properties to synthetic fibre alternatives, requiring less filling to stay cosy and warm. This means that the quilt stays warm whilst remaining light and soft, but a step lower than goose down – perfect if you get a little hot while sleeping or for a donna that will see you through most seasons. Choose an 85% white duck down quilt for lavish lightweight warmth.

Wool Quilts

So… you might be wondering, what about wool?!! I hear you! Let’s figure out more option this option! Naturally hypoallergenic, inherently resistant to dust mites, fire resistant, water repellant and eco-friendly, wool quilts will hug your body to help keep you warm through those chilly winter nights or breathe effortlessly to regulate your body temperature through the middle of spring! An Australian wool quilt might feel heavier on your body – but don’t let that fool you – it’s ultra breathable!

Synthetic Quilts

Ok drum roll please… our last option is the man made fibre quilt: a great option for those with allergies, or if your quilt it likely to require regular washing because synthetic fibres are often more durable than natural ones. The high washing temperature of this Dacron Quilt can eliminate dust mites and other allergens making it perfect for those who suffer from allergies and/or asthma – plus it is a luxurious 500gsm (compared to the average 300gsm) to give extra loft and warmth! It’s often also cheaper than alternatives.

So there you have it – a guide to choosing the best option for your quilt this year and beyond! I’d love to hear your favourite below!

Thank you to Manchester Collection for supporting this post and giving us great insights too.

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  1. Goose down or any down does not wick moisture. Birds don’t sweat so do not believe anyone who says that down naturally wicks moisture. If you have tried wetting down, it will clump and will take days to dry. That being said, it is correct that warmth to weight ratio is far greater with down.

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