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How your home clutter can be used for good

Today I’m talking how we can make small (but also very helpful) changes in our lives and by doing so, make a bigger difference to the lives of others.

In Australia, over 644,000 people receive food relief each month, and a third of these are children. Currently food relief agencies are not able to meet demand, a third more food is required to bridge the gap. Not good, right?

According to Ronni Kahn, CEO and Founder of OzHarvest, Australians waste around $10 billion dollars of food each year, which isĀ four MILLIONĀ tonnes of food ending up in landfill. Such a waste.

There is a new initiative happening right now in Australia called Mobile For A Meal – for every phone recycled over the next week (until the end of February) through MobileMuster, they will donate a meal to OzHarvest to feed an Australian in need. It’s free to get involved and there are loads of drop off points all around the country. So jump on board here and find some inspiration for how the clutter in our homes can be used to help others by reading below!

1. Clean out the pantry

In every kitchen pantry there are non-perishable foods that you never get around to eating or simply just don’t like. Before they hit their ‘best before’ date, grab a box and package them up for a charity who can put them to good use. Go to to find a local food service in your area

2. Tackle the bookshelf

Books are wonderful things, but they’re not doing much good sitting around gathering dust. If you’ve got books you’re never planning on reading again then why not send them somewhere where they can be enjoyed? Your library will take them or how about giving them to a local pre-school or day care?

3. Refresh your wardrobe

Going through your summer wardrobe and getting rid of that straw hat you never wear or the dress that is too big, is a great way to fall back in love with favourite summer clothes. There are many charities that take clothing donations – find your local Vinnies, Smith Family, Red Cross or Salvation Army store and drop them off, just make sure everything is if good condition (no stains or holes).

4. Organise your office

Every home has that “miscellaneous” drawer overflowing with tangled chargers from a mobile you had ten years ago. If you’re hanging onto your first smartphone, even though it is broken, you’re not alone – there are 25 million old unused handsets around Australia ready to be recycled. Worried about your personal data or your family’s privacy? Don’t stress – all data is removed in the recycling process. Plus, this summer if you recycle your mobile with MobileMuster, they will give a meal to someone in need through OzHarvest – to get involved

5. Put the toolshed to use

It’s not uncommon to feel a little guilty about the number of DIY gadgets you have that just don’t get used enough during the year. You can actually hire out your tools to your neighbours – who might only need it once or for a short time – and earn a little bit of cash for your efforts. Check out,au to learn more.

Thanks for taking a read and join in the support of the brilliant work done by OzHarvest.

Photo thanks to Mobile Muster.

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