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Huset – Danish furniture coming to Melbourne!

We all love a bit of Scandinavian. Scandi furniture, Scandi styling, Scandi cool. So like me, you’ll be pretty excited to hear that a new Scandinavian furniture store is coming to Melbourne! Huset, which means “the house” in Swedish, offers “a comprehensive collection of originally designed, European made furniture and home accessories created for the discerning customer”.

I caught up with Huset’s team to find out more.

Where can we buy Huset products?

Huset is currently available online only with our flagship showroom set to open in July this year, in Cheltenham, Melbourne! We are counting down the days!

What sets Huset apart from other furniture stores?

Huset, which mean ‘house’ is Danish, is focused on individuals with an eye for quality and detail. We only sell original furniture designs which are designed and manufactured in Europe and Australia. We make sure every piece of furniture well sell is of the highest quality, and of course, is beautifully designed.

We proudly support many Australian designers such as Cameron Foggo who produces the Lennon Sofa.

Will your range expand in the near future?

Yes, definitely! We are aiming to increase both our Danish and Scandinavian lighting range as there are some fabulous products available.

Who is behind Huset?

Industrial designer Ryan Parnham who has over 14 years experience in the Australian design community.

Take a look at some of the Huset products below and follow the team on Facebook.

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