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Inside a coastal apartment on Manly’s water’s edge

I always love seeing the work from leading Australian interior and architecture studios.

So when a new seaside Sydney apartment building came across my desk, by none other than Koichi Takada Architects and Mim Design, I knew it had to be featured right here on the blog.

Sydney’s Cabbage Tree Bay recently welcomed a new six-apartment, five level building: Bower. Inspired by its coastal views, the sweeping curves of the façade are reminiscent of the shape of the Manly coastline and rolling ocean waves, while inside are panoramic ocean views.

The apartments feature modern, minimalist design informed by the luxury of space and the surrounding natural landscape, as Koichi Takada explains:

It really is the Australian Dream to live right on the water’s edge, surrounded by panoramic ocean views and a lifestyle that is nothing short of a celebration of this spectacular setting.

While the Bower apartments feature the latest in technology and home automation, these aspects of luxury remain secondary to the generously-proportioned living spaces with ocean views embedded within a relaxing, natural environment. This aim? To minimises architecture in order to maximise nature, as Koichi Takada explains:

When you are living in our design, our goal is that you don’t see our design. It’s what we call invisible architecture. It puts you at ease, in your most relaxed state of mind.

There is also a beautiful Japanese design influence in Bower, with the horizontally articulated timber screening, which provide glimpses of the ocean, while providing privacy by screening the apartments from neighbours either side.

Melbourne-based Mim Design emphasise Koichi’s dedication to the notions of quality, beauty and simplicity, with a material palette of natural and textural materials and a focus on clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. As Miriam Fanning, Mim Design Principal, explains:

We placed great importance on framing the panoramic ocean views and making them a breathtaking backdrop to our stunning, free flowing living spaces.

So let’s take a look inside…

8 thoughts on “Inside a coastal apartment on Manly’s water’s edge”

  1. Loved this statement: “When you are living in our design, our goal is that you don’t see our design.”. That statement captures the whole essence of a livable design – should be subtle! Love that view outside! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow, really amazing interior design and furnitures. I feel so fresh and refreshing. Your blog is good example for Zedhouses. Thanks for content.

  3. I love how the transition between inside and outside was made so seamless. It’s minimalist but still warm and cozy!

  4. The minimalist design of the apartment is truly perfect for the coastal view. Thank you for showing Koichi Takada Architects and Mim Design in the blog. Their works are deserving to be featured.

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